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This is Priyadarshan’s latest flick, De Dana Dan.
Staring : Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy, Asrani, Rajpal Yadav,Neha Dhupia and Many More.

Synopsis :
Story begins with Nitin (Akshay Kumar) trying to pay back his education loan to EVIL Archana , by serving her as a driver, and cook. Ram (Suniel Shetty) is a pizza delivery boy. They both dispartely want money to marry and settle down. After loads of planing they come up with kidnapping the “Moolchand” EVIL Archana’s dog because she loves Moolchand as a son.
After kidnapping the dog, starts the series of confusions.. confusions.. confusion..
Paresh Rawal lost most of his money in business and he want money too. So he starts to find corerpati family for marriage of his only son Chanki Pandey.
For our surprise there are only two families.. one is Sameera Reddy’s and another one Katrina Kaif’s.
In the middle of the movie.. All our major characters suddenly disappears. Akshay being locked in wardrobe till the end.
Akshay,Katrina and Suni Shetty plays a very small role. very loooong climax (This is the wrost climax I ever seen).
Overall this movie creates full confusion..
Don’t be fooled by seeing Aksahy,Sunil and Paresh that this is like Hera Pheri.. No this not even 10% of hera pheri.

De Dana Dan Poster

Personal Opinion :
Honestly.. This worst movie I ever seen. I wanted get out of the theater at middle of the movie..
Don’t go for it guys..

Rating : ** out of 5

Synopsis :
This is the story of a 14 year old girl “Sophie Amundse” living in Norway in 1990 with her mother.Her father is a captain of an oil tanker. Sophie’s journey to philosophy begins when she receives a mysteries letter from unknown person with only two questions on it :
1. “Who are you?”
2. “Where does the world come from?”
After some days she receives another letter from unknown person titled “What is philosophy?”. Sophie learns about the philosophers such as Socrates. Sophie’s interest in the mysteries of life, shocks her mother and she starts doubt the her daughter becoming mad and she need some psychiatrist.
After few days, she gets another letter from the man “Alberto Knox” with history of Pluto and Aristotle. At the same time while she receives philosophical lesson from Alberto, she also receives postcards addressed from a United Nations observer Albert Knag in Lebanon to his own 15-year-old daughter, Hilde. Alberto continues with his teaching of History of Philosophy.

In his course alberto covers the Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment and Romantic periods, and the philosophies that stemmed from them.
Sophie and Alberto tries to find out who is the Albert Knag and why he sends post cards of her daughter to Sophie’s address, and they thinks Albert Knag has god like powers.
At Kierkegaard chapter Gaarder introduces us to Hilde daughter of Albert Knag and she receive the a book titled “Sophie’s World” as a gift for her fifteen birth day in which Alberto teaches Sophie about history of philosophy.
I must say a Must Read, you can’s put it down once you start reading it.
Very good book, if you want to know what is Philosophy and History of Philosophy.

Sophie's World

1. “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” ~ Thomas Edison
2. “Wisest, is he who know he doesn’t know.”
3. “A Russian astronaut and a Russian brain surgeon were once discussing religion. The brain surgeon was a Christian but the astronaut was not. The astronaut said, ‘I’ve been out in space many times but I’ve never seen God or angels.’ And the brain surgeon said, ‘And I’ve operated on many clever brains but I’ve never seen a single thought.'”
4. “The truth is not ‘out there’ but ‘in here’.”
5. “What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?”

Personal Opinion:
WOW..!! This is what I felt when completed this book!!
Before starting this I thought many time, shall I try it or not. This book I purchased long time back but I haven’t looked at it. After Reading This book, I am Speechless. This Book is such a marvel, I feel like Student of Philosophy. I always wondered about the questions like ” Where does the world come from? ” and “Are we alone in the whole universe?” . I always wanted to know, what other thought about ” World “, about our solar system, about our planet earth, about us!. Finally I got the answers to questions ( But not all ). Gaarder explained it very beautifully that you will love it, it has emotions,suspense and everything you want from the book of philosophy come novel.
Starting from B.C to Current time, it explain every thing about philosophy. If you love to think freely and If wondering what philosopher thought about the world and about existence of human beings, this book is best guide for you.
I am very much thrilled when I read how Charles Darwin’s proved his “Origin of Species” ~
Darwin advanced two theories here :
1. He proposed that, all existing vegetables and animals forms were descended from earlier, more primitive forms by way of biological evolution .
2. The evolution was the result of natural selection.
Then I realized that why we always say ” The Survival of the Fittest! “.
I really wondered when read about Berkley, he is the one who denied the existence of material world. He thought nothing is real.
I enjoyed this book, this a very very good, if you wanted know about philosophy !
I will definitely read it again in coming days!

Author : Jostein Gaarder
Rating : ****1/2 out of 5

~ Keep Reading.

Happy Days

1. On being Late
“Kab chalu hua?”
“Attendance ho gaya kya??”
“Kal raat der tak gappe marte rahe yaar”
“Mein kya karu, Kumar bathroom mein ghusa hua tha”
“Aab nind nahi khuli to mein kya karu… bolna …….. kal kya padaya tha sir ne”
“Kal se pakka class karunga”
“Ek page de na………. abe pen bhi to de…….”
“Kal proxy mara tha kya”
“Yaar iss class ke liye koi subah kaise aa sakta hai………”

2. During the lecture
“Yesss!!!! Sir…….The answer is ……huuuummmmm…….aaaaaaaa…………..”
“No sir…..I know the answer ……sir….”
“Saala apne aapko Newton samajta hai”
“Abe lecture ko chod….. Anjali kya lag rahi hai aaj……..” HE HE HE HE !! ;))))
“Uske bagal mein nahi baith sakta tha…….gadha…….”
“mera assignment tere paas hai??”
“Kya bore ho raha hai. Bola tha cigarette pene chalte hain ..”
“Heads, we go canteen , Tails, we go canteen now!!!”
“Boss class khatam hote hi chai chahiye……”

3. Lab
“Expt. 2 likha??”
“Idhar Karna kya hai??”
“Yeh bhai…..mereko aata to tere pass kyon aata……..”
“Areee tu to bura maan gaya……data dikha na………”

4. Unit Test
“Unit test???? ……Aree yaar…… ”
“Kya…….. abe unit test mein itna topic hai to annual mein kya hoga….”
“Boss….. hogaya……aur nahi ho sakta……..jaan nahi de sakta…….”
“Oh !!! Itna syllabus cover ho gaya?”
“Aaj kounsa test hai?”
“Oye Sanjiv kaha hai……uska roll number mere baad hai…….wo nahi aaya to mein pakka fail….”
After test……
“yaar pada tha….recall nahi kar paya…….chhod na ……. Canteenchalega…” SAHI !!

5. For attendance (less attendance isliye attendance badane ke liye bahane)
“I was in the class, lecturer mark karna bhool gaya”
“Oye usko thoda khus h kar list se tera naam hata dega……..”
“Bola tha proxy regularly maar……. Saale tera class karne ka kya faida hua…..”

6. Late submission of assignments
“Maine u sko bola thaa ki copy karke mera assgnment bhi saath mein submit kar dena”
“Last date extend hua thaa”
“I didn’t know the last date”
“Ab mein kya karu wo mereko bole bina hi submit kar diya…….”
“They should allow XEROX……..” 😀

7 . After exam
“Yeh bhi syllabus mein thaa kya?”
“Achha !!! ye aise hota hai kya?”
“Ye subject ka reference book kounsa hai”
“1st mein 3 marks…..2nd mein 0…….3rd mein 2. Gaya……….fail pakka…….”
“Yaar notice lagte hi faad dena……..wo kya soochegi mera marks dekh kar……”

8 . VIVA (b4 exam)
“Submission ab tak hua nahi hai , VIVA kya ghanta doonga”
“Aeee……Rohit…terese kya poocha…….”
“External ke ghar mein bacche nahi hai kya………”
“Dekh Boss!! external bhi aadmi hai. Usko pata hai students ka ab tak preparation nahi hua hai” 😀

9 . VIVA (General)
“Dekh , tu jo bhi padhega , woh (external) tereko woh nahi poochhnewaala, then watz the point” 😀
“Roll no. 1 aur 2 ka watt laga diya hai”
“External is asking BermudaTriangle ka Magnetic force kitna hai”
“Ye kounse unit mein aata hai”

10 . Submission
“Ye bhi chhapna hai kya?”
“Iska bhi print-out lena hai kya?”
“Jai ho computer baba ki……jai ho Ctrl C – Ctrl V ki…….” 😀
“Tujhe Sir ka sign aata hai kya?”

11 . A convo:
“Ye tune kya likha hai????”
(The best one)
“Jo word samajh mein aa raha hai woh likh, jo nahi samajh mein aa raha hai
uska drawing nikal” 😀
“Phir bhi, kuch to idea hoga??”
” Maine uska likha hai, mera assignment check ho gaya, tu bhi wohi kar.”
“Koi hint……….”
“Are baba ghasit de…… tu samjega na wo……..”

12. Exam
“Jo (mujhe) aata hai, woh (paper mein)aata nahi hai; jo nahi aata hai woh aata hai” 😀 ..VERY VERY TRUE !!
“ye question 2 saal se nahi poochha hai”
“ye last time hi poochha thaa”
“tere paas is ke notes hai??”
“woh chapter…. mark weightage 6 marks… (facial ex-pressions speaks the story)”
“nahi samjha to rat le”
“External ka aane ka pura scene hai……. ”
“Iss paper mein roll number ka kya order hai……..”
“Pichle paper mein to kuch to aata tha…….issmein to anda aata hai……”
“Ek aur din ka gap de dete to kya 3rd World War ho jata tha kya………” I AGREE !! !!

bas ek bar wapas lautne ka man karta hai
Aaj har wo baat yaad aati hai
kuch buri batein jo ab acchi lagti hain
kuch batein jo kal ki hi batein lagti hain
abki baar class attend karne ka man karta hai
Dopahar ki class mein aakhen band karne ka man karta hai
hostel ke chat ki wo raat yaad aati hai
exam ke time pe wo hasi mazak bahut pyari lagti hai
tab ki bekar lagne wali photo’s chehre pe hasi laati hai
Apni galtiyon pe tumse daat khana yaad aata hai
Par tumhari galti dekhne ka man karta hai
Ek aisi subah uthne ka man karta hai
bas ek bar wapas lautne ka man karta hai
bas ek bar aur
wapas lautne ka man karta hai 🙂

The wait is over, after the ” The Davinci Code ” which published in 2003 , Now comes the latest
from Dan Brown ” The Lost Symbol “. This is the third book is Rober Langdon Series, other two are
1. Angels and Demons
2. The Davinci Code.

The story take place in Washington DC, where Robert Langdon is summoned to give lecturer on Freemasonry at National Statuary Hall at the United States Capitol,after getting invitation from his mentor 33rd degree mason Peter Solomon.

When Langdon arrives at Capitol, he receive a call from mysteries man, who invites Langdon in a ancient way by giving invitation in the form of tattooed hand of Peter Solomon which is tattooed in to symbolic form know as “Hand of the Mysteries”.

Then Langdon realises that Solomon is kidnapped by man named “Mal’akh”, who demands that Langdon to unclock the Ancient Mysteries in return for Solomon’s life.
Langdon meets Solomon’s sister “Katherine, a researcher studying noetic science.
Two of them try to solve the mysteries to protect Peter Solomon.
They discover the secrets of “Masonic rituals” and shocking secret about the “Masonic Pyramid”.
The story continues in typical Dan Brown style, they discover the shocking secret about villain “Mal’akh” and about his past.
The rest is all about Masonic History and Saving Peter Solomon and finding the Masonic Lost Symbol.

The Lost Symbol

I enjoyed reading this book, you cannot put it down once you start reading. A typical Dan Brown book.
Enjoy Reading 🙂

I give it 4/5.

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