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Movie Review : 2012(Repent.. The end is near)

Posted on: November 26, 2009

Movie starts in india 2009, Adrian Helmsley a American Geologist come to meet his friend doctor Satnam Tsurutani.
Satnam explains about his discovery, that the temperature of earths core is increasing rapidly and if it continues the world will end soon.
Adrian informs about this phenomenon to US persident, who conducts emrgency meetings with all G-8 nations @ G-8 summit in 2010.
All G-8 nations are informed about the situation and they all participate in a secret project which will ensure the survival of humanity.
Then comes, most waited year : 2012. in 2012 Jackson Curtis a writer from LA meets his children.
He takes his children to campaign in Yellowstone National Park,
where he see some mysteries activities by military,and then he meets
Charlie Frost who tell Jackson, about Mayans calender and end of the world. Charlie also tells him that he know about secret project of government and the locations of the ships.
Then starts series of earthquakes worldwide, millions people dies in the earthquakes and tsunami.
Remaining movie is all about, how Jackson tries to save his family.

2012 Poster

Year of release : 2009
Director : Roland Emmerich
Personal Opinion : This movie has great graphical effect. To say 25 Mins of Great Graphics and 133 Mins of boring story.
Personal Rating : **

4 Responses to "Movie Review : 2012(Repent.. The end is near)"

The movie 2012 is not as good as expected. I really didn’t like it. I mean its funny that the hero gets out of trouble so many times and he just manages to live with few feets to spare. Too close to danger too often I guess.

Yes.. you are right.. It’s not good as expected.. It’s all graphics.. No Story line..

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