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Secret Santa

Posted on: December 25, 2009

This week we played Secret Santa among our team, received the gift from secret friend/secrete Santa.
Secret Santa is the game played among the group of people.

Here is the details how it is played :

• A chit with each one of our names is put in a box / bag
• Each one of us picks up one chit
• Buy a small gift for the person whose name you pick, don’t reveal the name to anybody.
• Wrap up the gift and place a name card (To) on the gift
• Write a clue to guess who is giving the gift (from), Don’t write the name of the person for whom you have brought the gift.
• The gifts will be collected by a one person and every one will be gathered at a one location.
• Then @ decided location every one gather and collect there gift and they have to guess there secret Santa by going through the clue present on the gift.

This game is often played in workplaces, amongst large families. It offers a way to people to receive or give the gift to people without revealing there identity.
The game is called Secret Santa because no one know who has given them a gift until they crack the clue and guess there Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas to all of you, Enjoy !


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