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Avatar (2009)

Posted on: January 6, 2010

Few days back I watched the “Avatar” the blockbuster of 2009.
The story is not unique, you might have seen many movies with story similar to “Avatar”.
In 2154, RDA corporation try to get valuable mineral called “unobtanium”, which cost corers on earth from planet Pandora.

Because humans cannot be alive at planet Pandora very long without oxygen masks, they come up with plan creating the “Avatar” ~ a human-Na’vi hybrids, controlled by the human for whom the “Avatar” is created ~ this sounds like the concept of matrix movie for me, because in matrix also the body which exists in matrix is controlled by human operator who is connected to that body, the only difference is the body which exists in matrix is not real, but avatars are real and also the connection between the dragon and his rider sounds like concept of “Eragon”.

Avatar poster

They send the “Avatar” of Jake Sully to convenience Na’vi to evacuate the Pandora so that humans can mine planet pandora for “unobtanium”.
In three months, Jake learns about the lives of Na’vi, and the Creatures of palnet Pandora. jake falls in love with “Neytiri”.

Jake and Neytiri

After RDA corporation destroys na’vi home tree, and kills many na’vi, jake realizes his mistake, he changes the sides, convenience all navi to join hands together for saving planet from humans, finally as expected the navis wins the epic war between humans and aliens.


The planet Pandora and Creatures in that planet and Na’vi’s are beautiful. James Cameron beautiful shown us the
Planet pandora and it’s beauties.
The animals, trees, people (na’vi) of planet pandora are amazingly realistic.
The movie innovative in terms of graphics and animation. It will take you to the different world beyond your imagination.
The beauty of palnet pandora is a mixture of “earth + other planet we think , where life is possible”.
This movie delivers the fully immersive cinematic experience of new kind. James Cameron with the help of revolutionary technologies invented for making this movie, created this epic saga of pandora and navi’s, a true master piece by critically acclaimed director james cameron.
Feel the beauty of pandora. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, please watch this movie in 3D to feel the real beauty of palnet pandora.

Rating : 4.5/5.


3 Responses to "Avatar (2009)"

Yea… it’s probably the only movie that truely looks good in 3D

Yes.. You are right bro.. It’s the only movie which looks good in 3D..

[…] out that he will be “piloting” an avatar – a body constructed out of human and Na’vi (the indigenous population of Pandora) DNA – via a mental connection. Each avatar is unique […]

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