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Who is my role model ?

Posted on: January 7, 2010

I always wondered who will be my role model?

What it feels like having role model ?

Why should some one have role model ?

Any way what is the definition of the role model : “individuals compare themselves with person who occupy the social role to which the individual aspires.”

While I was child I always wondered about the “universe”, “stars” and “sky” and infinite number of possibilities they have. When I heard about Neil Armstrong, The first person to land on the moon, I thought he is my role model, told every friend of mine that I want become astronaut like Neil Armstrong.

When I grew up, All my childhood dreams seems to me like a joke. When I was in 12th standard I read about Darwin and his theory of evolution, I start to admire him and told every friend of mine that Darwin is my role model.

When I grew up farther, while I was in my bachelors degrees, I was very much addicted to computers ans specially Google and Orkut. I wanted become like Larry Page, co-fonder of Google. I searched each and every information about Larry Page, like how is started Google and all.

But when I grew up further, I started to realize that, by following some one foot steps, you never become famous like them, because they already done what they intended to do. So you cannot do the same thing to become popular or famous. You must develop something unique which never developed by someone or do some thing unique which is never done by anyone in the world.

What I found is, whenever we found a successful person we wanted become like him. Some one wants to become like Shaha Rukh Khan, some one want to become like Hrithik Roshan.

So why don’t we become a role model of ourselves ?

Why don’t someone say I want to become world famous doctor and develop a cure for HIV/AIDS, Why don’t someone say I want to become computer scientist and develop a search engine which is faster the Google.
Why ?

It might be due to our society that, we always run behind successful persons. Yes, may be, When I was child my mom always used to say that look at that guy he always passes with distinction and you (you know 🙂 ).
Like Amir Khan says in 3 Idiots, “don’t run behind success, run behind excellence, success will follow you !”

Every one is special, every one is gifted with some unique abilities, the thing is you have to discover them.
It’s good to have a role model, but remember you never become like them just following there foot steps, but you can learns from them, from there life.

Follow your dream, don’t just follow someone else dream or advice, If you wanted become a doctor from childhood, go and do it. Live your dream, don’t live someone else dream.

I have lot to say,, but it already 12.33 AM here, has to go office early tomorrow.
Just one thing , Live Your Dream.

6 Responses to "Who is my role model ?"

Great!! I wrote a similar post in my blog recently…It looks like we have some similar thoughts….!!

Thanks Raghu, Yeah I read your post, nice to see some one sharing similar thoughts !

oops… After long time, I am visiting your blog and reading your past post (I love to read your writing.. Especially “There is no spoon”) and again come to this post…

“Live your dream, don’t live someone else dream.” – so true and match with your blog title as well..

Again feel freshness after reading your old POSTS…

Happy Reading

nice post! n thot provoking too 🙂
its all very easy to say bt nt d easiest to do i gues. cos sumwhr down the line, there is dis huuuge question of feasibility dat bcums a roadblock.
for instance, i wanted to b an interior decorator n took commerce. bt dat wasnt until after graduatin so in d meantime i tried my hand at entrance fr another field n got thru.
nowwww im stuck wid dat n all d interior decoration sapna gone out of the window *not dat i was so serious anyway*.
baharhaal, wat im tryin to say is, i find the whole live ur dream concept to b a bit idealistic.
grt if it wrks, but jus cos it doesnt, i dont think dats d end of d wrld.
moreover millions of ppl r stuck in jobs dat arent deir hearts calling. bt dats life rite? a lil imperfect? 🙂

Sadiya Ji.. Glad you like it 🙂

Yep, Live Your Dream is bit idealistic.. And I totally agree with you that if you are not living your dream that’s not the end of world.
But deep down in our mind always remains a thought which says to us that I wanted to become this/that but….
What I think is “If we think we can, then we can.. If you think we can’t then no one will help you..”

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