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The Rule of Four : Book Review

Posted on: February 9, 2010

The Rule of Four is the first book by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. It is an Murder Mystery, an Ancient secrets thriller.
This is a story of four friends: Tom Sullivan ( narrator ), Paul , Charlie and Gil. The stroy set at Princeton in the spring of 1999.
Tom is a son of a Renaissance scholar who’s main aim in life to decipher the mysteries “Hypnerotomachia Poliphii”, was killed in an accident.
Hypnerotomachia Poliphii is the 15th-century book written in a variety of languages like Italic, Arabic, Roman etc and said to contain hidden messages and mysteries that have never been solved by anyone in 500 years.

The four roommates, Tom,Paul,Gil and Charlie, in which Paul is doing his thesis on “Hypnerotomachia Poliphii” and with the help of Tom he uncovers the some of it’s secrets. The book contains the keys for deciphering the text in the form of riddles and puzzles. The “Hypnerotomachia Poliphii” is said to be most mis-interpreted book, no one knows who wrote, I mean who is the author of this book, until recently.

The Rule Of Four

Paul’s mentors Vincent, Richard Curry, both are the friends of Tom father. Tom helps Paul to solve some of the puzzles in the book, but after his relationship with his girlfriend nearly came to breakup, he realizes that he is spending more time with book, like his father. So he withdraw from research and tells his GF that he will not work with Paul.

After Tom withdrawal, Paul continues his research on book with Bill Stein. Bill stein one night gives a dairy to Paul, which will unlock the most of secrets of the book, and tells him to return it before next day morning. Paul tell Richard about dairy, who accuses Vincent for stolen it from himself. In the same night, Bill Stein is murdered.

The Rule Of Four is opens with Tom telling a story , a ancient story in which two friends where told to deliver a letter to Rome, they are instructed not to open it, but on they way to Rome. they open the letter, and seal it as if it is not opened. but at Rome, there master came to know that they have opened the letter, he kills them in ancient, ritual way.

The Rule Of Four

Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason has tried to come up with some thing like ” The Davinci Code “, but failed to do so. The narration includes some unnecessary details, for example description of the character and and there previous life whose role in the novel is not very lengthy.

I give it : 3/5.

3 Responses to "The Rule of Four : Book Review"

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I agree with your review about this book. I was surprised how much background information the authors gave on Gil and Charlie considering their minor role. I also have it 3 stars out of 5.

Rachie X, Thanks for the comment đŸ™‚ The book worth 3 star đŸ™‚

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