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IPL – Indian Premier League – Too Much is Too Bad..

Posted on: March 23, 2010

IPL season 3 started, now you can hear only about IPL at your office, at home, at market.. every where.
Sunday came the another big news for IPL fans to cheer, “Two more Teams have joined the IPL squad”.
The two new teams are :
1. Pune Team was purchased for US $370 millions by Sahara Adventure Sports Group.
2. Kochi Team was purchased for US $333.33 millions by Rendezvous.

Now from next season of IPL onwards, there will be 94 matches.. I personally think this is too much.. 😦

What I think is, the teams should be divide into the groups like in WC, so that the number of matches will be reduced and interest of cricket will be alive.

But I am dam sure.. this will not going to happen.. because this is all about money.. MONEY SPEAKS.. 🙂
For example.. now they are displaying the ads in between deliveries to earn more money.
Displaying the ads in between deliveries in insane.. it’s irritates.. and breaks the rhythm of match.. but WHO CARES ?
Who cares about the feeling of 60+ crore cricket lovers in india..

While we were in schools.. we used to circle the dates in the calender to remember when and where the India’s next match is, to see our fav players.
Now a days you don’t need to remember the dates.. Just browse the channels.. you will find at least one live match.. either it is 20-20, 50-50 or TEST..

Cricket is running like 24 X 7 NEWS channels.. You will see cricket whole YEAR.. One day will come.. the people get bored with the number of matches, Why I am saying this, I am also a big fan of cricket.. but now a days I feel bore to watch cricket.. I just follow news channel.. who won .. who lost.. that’s it.
One day people of India will stop watching cricket or just loose interest in cricket.. because we know that – “TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD”.

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