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Pirate Latitudes : Review

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Michael Crichton’s “Pirate Latitudes” is found in his computer by his assistant after Crichton’s death.

Crichton is man of Sci-Fi and Techno-Thriller novels, It’s not clear that he actually wanted to publish “Pirates Latitudes” or he just wrote it for fun.
I read somewhere that Steven Spielberg is making the movie on this novel, I am eagerly waiting to see this movie.

Set in the 1665 Jamaica, Port Royal, The novel begins with Sir James Almont the governor of Port Royal came to know about the “Matanceros” island where galleon containing treasure is halting for protection for safe return to Spain. “Matanceros” is the legendary island where lives the Legendary bloodthirsty Pirate “Cazalla “, no one has defeated him till date.
Charles Hunter a Privateer (Pirate) of Port Royal is hired by Sir James Almont to lead an expedition to “Matanceros”, but Almont secretary Mr. Hacklet didn’t like Hunter because he is a Pirate. Hunter gathers his Crew, a very talented crew. Hunter have in his crew following talented main characters :

1. Sanson : A assasin, who can kill the whole ship crew whitout making a sound. He is very large man with skills like Sword Fighting, Pistol, Crossbow.
2. Don Diego or Jew : A very intellegent man who can create/invent the instrument no one has ever seen, In the past he worked with Gun powder and Granades and lost his eye so pepole also call him BLACK EYE.
3. Bassa : He is very giant man, and he don’t need any weapon to kill, he kills with his bare hands.
4. Lazue : She is female pirate in males dress, she never reveals that she is female untill it is very necessary. She has extraordinary vision, can see very far more accuretly then anyone else.
5. Enders : He is a helmsman, can sail any ship perfectly.
With his crew Captain Hunter with the Cassandra(ship) sail to capture the ship at “Matanceros”, which contains Gold and Diamonds.

Pirate Latitudes.

This Pirates tale has every thing one wanted from the pirate story, It has sea Monsters, Cannibals, Huge Sharks and Storms – very very dangerous storms.
The first half of the book is little slow, you will see character description, how Hunter gather his crew, etc, But once they start to sail for “Matanceros”, you just can’t just put it down. the publisher description about the book – only says that Hunter and his crew sail for the gold at “Matanceros”, if they succeed the will create history, but believe me this is only the half story, what happens when they return from expedition is a big surprise!.

This book was not like other Michael Crichton’s books, he usually write sci-fi and techno-thriller novels, he is the man of science. In this you will see the characters are not well developed, and some scenes also not well developed. I don’t know whether Michael actually wanted to print this novel or he wanted to revisit it before printing, any how I enjoyed reading this novel and waiting to see the Movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

I give it : 4/5.

15 Responses to "Pirate Latitudes : Review"

Never read any of this author’s books..:( Am not so much into Sci-Fi or Techno Thrillers..but this review of yours makes me want to read.Will let you know if I do go ahead and do that ..firstly will I be able to locate this book? Is it a new release?

Yes.. You can find it in all major store.. Michael Crichton is the author of “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World” novels converted into movies by Steven Spielberg.

sounds good…I love everything about the sea!

Yes.. It’s a great book, different from regular books.. 🙂

Every book of Crichton is a masterpiece in itself. I have read every book of his and sadly, this one will be the last one. RIP–Mr. crichton.

Yes, you are right.. Every book is masterpiece, but this not the last one, this year ending another book of Crichton is coming :).

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I’ve read most of Crichton’s novels and loved each and every one. I have absolutely no trouble trusting him on this last thrill. This is one man we’ll all miss.

Yes, you are right about Crichton’s novels.

And i was waiting as to when you will review the next crichton book
Nice one buddy

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