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It’s dark in the room, He can feel the air passing through his ears, He can see the dim light which is coming from the balcony where his friend is sitting and talking to his Girlfriend, He can see the fan above his head, He can see everything but what the hell, He is not able to move a bit, He is trying very hard, trying to open my mouth to shout, trying to wave hand at his friend, even trying to blink but nothing is working, What the hell is going on.

He felt like someone sat on his chest, he/she tied his hands, even sealed his mouth. He started shivering, He tried very hard to move a bit from his bed, but no success. He even can’t see who is sitting on his chest, he felt a heavy weight on his chest. He thought something seriously going wrong with him, this not the first time it’s happening to him, it happens very frequently, he remembered what his fellow villagers used to say about this, they said it’s GHOST, you are being hunted.

He never shared this with anyone, just because people will laugh at him, he is afraid now, trying even harder. His phone rang, his friend picked up the phone , his friend Sameer thought he is asleep, he shouted his name, he can hear his name but he cannot move a bit, then finally his friend came close to him and Sameer put a hand on his shoulder and started to shake him, he suddenly woke up.

He saw everything is as it is, he know it’s not dream, he went directly to kitchen and drunk whole bottle of water, Sameer came to him asked “What is it man?, you are shivering”
He thought for second and finally told everything to him, Sameer laughed at him as he expected and opened his laptop, put his data card in it.
He told him to sit down and be calm, and he told him “You must have told me this before, it’s not what you and your fellow villagers thought, it not GHOST, and you are haunted, it’s called “SLEEP PARALYSIS”, have look”.
He opened Google and typed in search box sleep paralysis and explained to him :

Sleep Paralysis is related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. The major reason for sleep paralysis to occur is when your brain awakes from REM State, but your body paralysis persists. That;s why you are able to see everthing but you are not able to move your body parts as your body is still in patalysed state, but you brain is not. This can last for minutes, leaving you in panic.

He asked “What are the causes of this Sleep Paralysis ?”

“The major causes for sleep paralysis are :
1. Unstable sleeping schedule.
2. Stress.
3. Changing in environment or can be sleeping place.
4. Sleeping with face upward.”

He finally felt relief after the explanation of Sameer. He now know the cause for his hunting, no : it’s not hunting, it’s sleep paralysis.

If you have a very good job and earn handsome some of money, but you want to change your job because your job and salary didn’t support the life style your girfriend wants. You hate your boss and tell every one in your office that he is an ass hole because he takes the credit of the work done by you. If your best friend and colleague consider you as his competitor and tries to screw your professional life and you are not happy and doesn’t want to go home early because your wife earn more than you, if you witnessed or gone throw any of the above defined situations then this book is for you, you will definitely find a little ‘you’ in it.

Nishant Kaushik has written this book in very simple english and narrated very well, he has put some very good fact about the Indian IT industry, how people struggle with there life and there family and personal life problems .
The story is narrated by Nakul, a IT professional working for ByteSphere, one of the best known and leading company. His best friend Vishal is tried of the work he gets and he always speaks as he is in depression, Nakul is really worried about Vishal. Chirayu Chaudary is leading a project in which both Nakul and Vishal is working for since 1 year. Nakul hates Chirayu because he takes the credit for the work done by him. Vishal in other hand is in depressed mode always because his wife earns more then him.

Romance With Chaos

Romance With Chaos

When Vishal’s wife meets Nakul and tells him to help his husband, Nakul sacrifice his on site opportunity and suggest Vishals name. One day Chirayu calls Nakul and tell him that there is another urgent requirement and client wants him visit London. When on airport with all his relatives and girlfriend come to see off, he receives call from Chirayu saying that his on-site visit has been put on hold and tells him to call him immediately once reaching the office.
When he calls Chirayu, he learns that Vishal is behind all this, he told everything to Chirayu about his hatred toward him and Nakul girlfriend leaves him because he is not able to find good job.

After all this events his professional life is near to end, but some dramatic event occurs in between and he learns that he need the ‘X’ Element in his life. The rest of the story follows how Nakul take revenge on Vishal, how he improves his professional life and how he found true love and gets the best employee award.
The book is very good and real page turner and really enjoyed it, a very good real life fiction.

I give it : 3.5/5.

The Girl Who Played With Fire is second book in Millennium Triology and Sequel to the best selling book of Stieg Larsson The Girl With Dragon Tattoo.
Originally published in Swedish with the name : “Flickan som lekte med elden” translated in English by Reg Keeland.

The book begins a year after the first books events, where Mikael Blomkvist journalist and publisher for Millennium magazine and Lisbeth Salander genius Computer Hacker and well known private researcher of Milton Security, they both uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Hariet Vanger and Solves the Murder mystery of Serial Killer.

After this event Mikael never been in contact with Lisbeth, He tried many times to contact her with no success. While Lisbeth is constantly observing his moves with the cloned Hard Drive of his laptop.

The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Dag Svensson a journalist contacts Millennium publisher Mikael with his well researched thesis about sex trafficking in Sweden, After reading it Mikael jumps into the investigation.
While enjoying holiday’s in remote island, Lisbeth hacks Mikael Computer read the thesis by Dag Svensson and his girl friend Mia Johansson, there she read the name Zala, this name is mentioned in thesis but no one know who he is and where he lives. Lisbeth throws herself into investigation for finding Zala who is accused for many rapes and murders of the under age girls, because Lisbeth Hates the Men Who Hates Women.

In this book, you will learn lot about the back-ground of the Lisbeth, about her school days, her family background and about her twin sister. Why she hate men Who Hates Women, why she is under Guardianship, Why no one talks what happened while she is of age 13. She call it “All the Evil”.

Before she can discover who is this Zala, before she can meet Mikael, she is accused for three murders and all around the Sweden an extensive search for her has been started, she is on every news paper of the country, every T.V channel. She vanishes, make contact with Mikael via his laptop hard drive.
Where Mikael Tries to prove the Lisbeth’s innocence but Inspector Bublanski of the Stockholm Police force believes that Lisbeth is the murder because they found murder weapon with Lisbeth finger prints.

Will Mikael Proves the innocence of Lisbeth ?
Will Lisbeth finds who is Zala ?
Will Lisbeth and Mikael discover who is real murder and what is motive of murder ?
Will they discover how Lisbeth finger prints found on weapon ?

This book has more twist and turns than first book “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo“, reader who read the first book will enjoy this one but new readers who directly started with this book will find little difficulty to understand what’s going on, though Larsen explains little background old charters from first book.
The girl who played with fire is both mystery and thriller, you can’t put it down once you start reading.

I give it : 5/5.

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