LiVe YoUr DrEaM…

Story of Haunting..

Posted on: April 27, 2010

It’s dark in the room, He can feel the air passing through his ears, He can see the dim light which is coming from the balcony where his friend is sitting and talking to his Girlfriend, He can see the fan above his head, He can see everything but what the hell, He is not able to move a bit, He is trying very hard, trying to open my mouth to shout, trying to wave hand at his friend, even trying to blink but nothing is working, What the hell is going on.

He felt like someone sat on his chest, he/she tied his hands, even sealed his mouth. He started shivering, He tried very hard to move a bit from his bed, but no success. He even can’t see who is sitting on his chest, he felt a heavy weight on his chest. He thought something seriously going wrong with him, this not the first time it’s happening to him, it happens very frequently, he remembered what his fellow villagers used to say about this, they said it’s GHOST, you are being hunted.

He never shared this with anyone, just because people will laugh at him, he is afraid now, trying even harder. His phone rang, his friend picked up the phone , his friend Sameer thought he is asleep, he shouted his name, he can hear his name but he cannot move a bit, then finally his friend came close to him and Sameer put a hand on his shoulder and started to shake him, he suddenly woke up.

He saw everything is as it is, he know it’s not dream, he went directly to kitchen and drunk whole bottle of water, Sameer came to him asked “What is it man?, you are shivering”
He thought for second and finally told everything to him, Sameer laughed at him as he expected and opened his laptop, put his data card in it.
He told him to sit down and be calm, and he told him “You must have told me this before, it’s not what you and your fellow villagers thought, it not GHOST, and you are haunted, it’s called “SLEEP PARALYSIS”, have look”.
He opened Google and typed in search box sleep paralysis and explained to him :

Sleep Paralysis is related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. The major reason for sleep paralysis to occur is when your brain awakes from REM State, but your body paralysis persists. That;s why you are able to see everthing but you are not able to move your body parts as your body is still in patalysed state, but you brain is not. This can last for minutes, leaving you in panic.

He asked “What are the causes of this Sleep Paralysis ?”

“The major causes for sleep paralysis are :
1. Unstable sleeping schedule.
2. Stress.
3. Changing in environment or can be sleeping place.
4. Sleeping with face upward.”

He finally felt relief after the explanation of Sameer. He now know the cause for his hunting, no : it’s not hunting, it’s sleep paralysis.


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