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Johny Gone Down is second book by Karan Bajaj, the book is divide into three parts namely :
1. Karma Yogi
2. The Donos
3. The Enterpreneur

In the first part of the book, Nikil Arya, a MIT graduate who just completed his graduation and his friend Sameer plans to visit Cambodia before appearing for campus interviews. They both visit Cambodia, but for there surprise there was war in Cambodia by Pol Pot regime who tool over the government and killing the people for no reason, he save his friend by giving him his passport and he try to escape to Thailand but he is captured and tortured for two years, in those years he loses his one hand and becomes only genocide survivor.
He is rescued by a Buddhist monk David when he reaches the border, He stay there for 10 years and becomes Monk.

In second part of book both David and Nikhil both visits Brazil, where Nikhil decides to quit, and starts to search the job, while in bar he saves life of drug lord and start work with him and become drug lord. He finds his love Brazil. He helps the Donos in Accounts and helps them to convert black money into white.

Rest of the story follows why he leaves the Brazil, how he become software moghul by developing a online game “another Life” and why he returns to India to end his life.

Jonney Gone Down

Jonney Gone Down

Below is the Introduction of the book from the publishers

Nikhil Arya has fallen.

Once, he was an Ivy League scholar with a promising future at NASA; now, at forty, he is broke, homeless,and minutes away from blowing his brains out in a diabolical modern-day joust.

It wasnt meant to be this way. An innocent vacation turned into an epic intercontinental journey that saw Nikhil become first a genocidesurvivor, then a Buddhist monk, a drug lord, a homeless accountant, a software mogul and a deadly gamefighter. Now, twenty years later, Nikhil aka Johnny is tired of running. With the Colombian mafia on his trailand his abandoned wife and son ten thousand miles away, he prepares for his final act, aware that he will have lost even if he wins.

Or will he? Is there any greater victory than living a life that knows no limits, a world that has seen no boundaries?

From the bestselling author of Keep Off the Grass comes the once-in-a-lifetime story of an ordinary manfighting an extraordinary destiny. Can he pick up the pieces one last time or will Nikhil, now Johnny, go down for good?

I enjoyed reading this book but I really disappointed by the climax and also there is lack of character building in this book, the book is small and author tried to cover lots of things in this book.

I will give it : 3/5.


Tony Stark is back with new technologies, new action and new mission to maintain the peace in the world with his Iron Man technology.

We have seen so far that Tony Stark builds a metal suite which has arc-reactor and new technologies and he named it “Iron Man”. At the end of first movie “Tony Stark” in front of media reveals that he himself is Iron Man.

Tony Stark become famous and power full man in media. He also helps to maintain the world peace. The Military wants Iron Man technology to be used for military application but Tony refuses to give the technology to Military and tells them that maintaining world peace is his duty not governments. He also tells that for the next 20 years no one will build the technology like Iron Man.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark is being poisoned by the palladium in his arc reactor, he tries to find solutions for it but every solution is finds is being failed. He constantly become weak as the poison level increases day-by-day.

One day during car race where Stark himself participates in it, Stark is attacked by Ivan Vanko whose father was a old partner of Stark enterprises. Ivan Vanko father and Stark’s father both built a first arc-reactor but due disputes Ivan’s father is fired and he dies in poverty. Ivan blame Stark’s for his father fate and builds a similar shield to fight with Stark and attacks him at car race.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Justin Hammer helps Ivan to escape from jail and tells him to build Iron Man type armors which he will show case in his expo. Rest of the story follows how Tony finds cure for his palladium poison, how he develop more powerful than ever arc-reactor by going through his fathers notes and finally battle between Robots developed Ivan and Iron Man.

To be honest I enjoyed first movie a lot compare to this movie, it has many unnecessary scenes, lots of drama. What I liked in this movie is the Technologies shown in this movie like : Transparent Mobile used by Tony Stark, Voice Recolonization enabled Television.

I give it : 3.5/5.

Finally it is good to see a good movie after the number of bad movies.
“To earn money or to start a business which will lead you to success, you don’t need money. What you need is IDEA”

Four friends [Shahid Kapoor as Karan,Anushka Sharma as Bulbul ,Vir Das as Chandu ,Meiyang Chаng as Zing] wants to become Millionaire quickly. So they try smuggling drugs to other countries but they don’t earn much with it.

Set in 1994 in Bombay [Yes, in 1994 it was called Bombay], Karan a Graduate wanted to start his own business, but he don’t have much money to start it. One day Bulbul tells him that “To start business you don’t need money. All you need is big Idea”.

Karan gather all his friends, tell them his new idea to start business, they all agree. They became rich in just matter of days, they found out how to beat the system. They do so by finding a way to beat custom duties system. They all start a company called “Friends & Co”, but this business doesn’t last for long time.

Badmash Company

Badmash Company

Then they all fly to US for earning in dollars, there to they make money very quickly, but this time the fame and money makes Karan feel like he is God. He start to treat his friends as his servants, he start to call himself Boss. The all leave Karan alone after all the mess. He got arrested for cheating, after spending six months in prison, he realizes the value of friends.

They all gather on last time to help Karan Uncle, this time they do it legally.

I didn’t liked the ending of the movie, it would have been better. One can easily guess the ending. Overall a good and refreshing movie with new concept. All the actors done justice to there character in the movie.

“They did all the wrong things, in a wright way”.

I give it : 3.5/5.

First published under Mario Puzo’s pseudonym Mario Cleri in the year 1967, then published again in 2009 with Mario Puzo’s actual name.

Six Graves to Munich is a story of revenge, justice more importantly love. The story tells us to what extent man will go to find the truth and justice.
The nucleus of the whole story revolves around Michael Rogan, a young American scholar and business man.
12 years back he is hired by American Intelligence due to his brilliant code breaking skills. He has a rare mind which remembers each and every thing can solve ant problems in very very less time. During world war II he act as a code breaker for American Intelligence. After a year he is transferred to Munich where he stays as Paying Guest, he fell in love with owners daughter Christine. Germans tracks him down after he makes a small mistake and kills all his men expect Rogan and Christine. 7 Nazi Men ruthlessly tortures him and his wife Christine, shoot him in the head and left him to die.

Six Graves To Munich

Six Graves To Munich

Rogan Survives and becomes one of the best business man, but he cannot overcome the nightmare of tortures and screams of his wife. Finally after 10 years, he decides to take revenge and begins a quest to trace down his torturers and kill them one by one.

The story is very dark and violent, the events of war and life of soldiers are described nicely. The readers who like thriller will like this book.

The book depicts man’s courage who track down all the 7 Nazi soldiers and kill them one by one. The book also talks about dark sides of man and choice he has to make in order to seek his own justice.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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