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Six Graves to Munich

Posted on: May 3, 2010

First published under Mario Puzo’s pseudonym Mario Cleri in the year 1967, then published again in 2009 with Mario Puzo’s actual name.

Six Graves to Munich is a story of revenge, justice more importantly love. The story tells us to what extent man will go to find the truth and justice.
The nucleus of the whole story revolves around Michael Rogan, a young American scholar and business man.
12 years back he is hired by American Intelligence due to his brilliant code breaking skills. He has a rare mind which remembers each and every thing can solve ant problems in very very less time. During world war II he act as a code breaker for American Intelligence. After a year he is transferred to Munich where he stays as Paying Guest, he fell in love with owners daughter Christine. Germans tracks him down after he makes a small mistake and kills all his men expect Rogan and Christine. 7 Nazi Men ruthlessly tortures him and his wife Christine, shoot him in the head and left him to die.

Six Graves To Munich

Six Graves To Munich

Rogan Survives and becomes one of the best business man, but he cannot overcome the nightmare of tortures and screams of his wife. Finally after 10 years, he decides to take revenge and begins a quest to trace down his torturers and kill them one by one.

The story is very dark and violent, the events of war and life of soldiers are described nicely. The readers who like thriller will like this book.

The book depicts man’s courage who track down all the 7 Nazi soldiers and kill them one by one. The book also talks about dark sides of man and choice he has to make in order to seek his own justice.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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