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Badmaash Company

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Finally it is good to see a good movie after the number of bad movies.
“To earn money or to start a business which will lead you to success, you don’t need money. What you need is IDEA”

Four friends [Shahid Kapoor as Karan,Anushka Sharma as Bulbul ,Vir Das as Chandu ,Meiyang Chаng as Zing] wants to become Millionaire quickly. So they try smuggling drugs to other countries but they don’t earn much with it.

Set in 1994 in Bombay [Yes, in 1994 it was called Bombay], Karan a Graduate wanted to start his own business, but he don’t have much money to start it. One day Bulbul tells him that “To start business you don’t need money. All you need is big Idea”.

Karan gather all his friends, tell them his new idea to start business, they all agree. They became rich in just matter of days, they found out how to beat the system. They do so by finding a way to beat custom duties system. They all start a company called “Friends & Co”, but this business doesn’t last for long time.

Badmash Company

Badmash Company

Then they all fly to US for earning in dollars, there to they make money very quickly, but this time the fame and money makes Karan feel like he is God. He start to treat his friends as his servants, he start to call himself Boss. The all leave Karan alone after all the mess. He got arrested for cheating, after spending six months in prison, he realizes the value of friends.

They all gather on last time to help Karan Uncle, this time they do it legally.

I didn’t liked the ending of the movie, it would have been better. One can easily guess the ending. Overall a good and refreshing movie with new concept. All the actors done justice to there character in the movie.

“They did all the wrong things, in a wright way”.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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Considering all the critic reviews mirchiplex gave it 2/5

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