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The Summons

Posted on: June 28, 2010

I have recently read John Grisham Book the “The Associate”, after reading “The Associate” I instantly became the fan of John Grisham. Though there are many bestseller books of John Grisham, I picked up “The Summons” and “The King Of Torts“.

“The Summons” by John Grisham is not a complete legal thriller, if you love only legal thriller or expect a legal thriller from John Grisham, I suggest Don’t Buy this book. Though the main characters in this book are Lawyers and Judges, this not complete legal thriller. John Grisham’s Legal Thrillers will keep you awake whole night until you finish the book in single go, same happened when I started reading his book the “The Associate”, I finished it in single go, will post the review of the associate soon.

This book not have much true John Grisham but still it will keep you reading, with this book I think John Grisham tried some thing new out of his usual Legal Thriller. This book is more about morals and ethics.

Professor Ray Atlee receives the Summon from his dying father to visit home and discuss his will, he informs his drug addicted brother Forest about the summon and his bother tells him that he also got the same summon and he will also visit the house on the mentioned date.

The Summons

The Summons

When Ray arrives at his fathers home, his father is dead, he finds three million dollars in 27 boxes in his fathers study. Three million bucks are not mentioned in his fathers will. So Ray decides to keep the money and he decides to tell no one about the money not even his brother Forest because he fears if he share the money with him(Forest), he will eventually kill himself using this money for drugs. But Someone knows about the money and begin to tormenting Ray to put it where he found it and also they break in his house twice to get the money. Rest of the book follows how Ray track the source of the money and how he track who is behind his fathers money.

What I liked in this book is the twists and turns and climax.

I give it : 3/5.


6 Responses to "The Summons"

I’ve read his two books, 1. A painted House 2. The rainmaker But I feel bored… Based on your review, I can come up with this, his books is mostly on Lawyers n courtroom or something…. I’m not sure.. Correct me if I’m wrong…

Yes.. His books are mostly legal thriller, which revolves around courts.
I recommend you his latest book “The Associate” and one of his best selling book “The Firm”.

Nice review. I read this book some time ago and I liked it, though I wouldn’t say it is one of Grisham’s best.

You are right Sakhi, this not Grisham’s best.

Good work 🙂

Glad you liked the review.. 🙂

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