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When I fist heard about this movie and concept of this movie, the first thing which came to my mind is the quote from the movie matrix.
In Matrix when Neo first time meets Morpheus, he (Morpheus) tells him this –
Morpheus : Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

When we are in dream, we always feel that the dream is real until we wake up from that dream. When you wake up from one dream and thanks the God that it is just dream and proceed with you day to day activities, but when you wake up from dream, you think that the world in which you woke up is real, what if the
world you woke up in is not actually a really world, what if it is also a dream ? then how would you know the difference between the Real world and the Dream world ?

When you start to believe that the dream world you are living is actually a real world, but suddenly some one comes and tells you that this is not actually a really world, you are in limbo (dream world forging their lives) and the only way to get out from there to kill yourself. What if when you kill yourself and come back to real world but your mind start to doubt that this also a dream world and you are still in dream (very very dangerous thought..)? Would you kill yourself so that you can go back to real world? Who will be responsible for your suicide, the person who planted the Idea in your mind that the world you are living is not real (though he planted that idea to get you out from limbo)?

You have very specific and top secret information hidden in your mind, you are sure that no one in the world can know about it. What if some extractor who is very skilled in extracting the information from your mind by going in to your dream, can search your mind for the secret and stole it?



Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception is one of the best I saw after Matrix.  The plot of the Inception revolves around ‘Dom Cobb” an Extractor who enters the experience of lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is a dream in which a dreamer or sleeper is aware of the fact that they are dreaming.

Some dreamer will never experience or know that they actual dreaming because there brain makes them believe that the world they are dreaming is actually a real world until they wake up from that dream.

The question here is – Why does our senses lie to us that the world we are seeing in dream is real? Why does if I hit a wall in dream I feel pain same as when I hit a wall in Real world?

Then what is real ? – this reminds me another quote from Matrix movie –
Morpheus: If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

The important fact of the dream is you will never know from where you started that dream, you actually lands into the middle of the dream and you don’t know from where you started. (Do you? Think..).

The story begins with Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) found in a beech by a soldier who brought him into the chamber of elderly man who asks him does he come here to kill him?. the scene then cuts into the dream of in the mind of Saito (Ken Watanabe) where Cobb and his friends Arthur and dream world architect Nash are on “extraction” mission, in which the mind of individual are infiltrated through the dreams and some times dreams within the dream to stole the information. The victim and the extractor sleep in very close proximity and use a device which allow extractors to enter into the dreams of the victim and stole the information from there dream. When the enter into the dream of victim they need to battle the victims mental defenses (a projected mercenaries).

After the successful execution of the mission of “extraction” of information, Saito Gives the new task to perform the “Inception” – means planting the idea into victims minds so that they start to believe that the planted idea is real in real life when they woke up from the dream.

Both Saito and Cobb makes an arrangement that, if Cobb successfully completes the “Inception” mission, then all the charges again Cobb in united states will be cleared. Cobb’s wife killed herself and they believe that he did it. so Cobb run from united states to avoid the murder charges, in order to reunite with his children he need to perform the task of “Inception”.

The major problem with Inception is – if someone one dies in a dream they will woke up in real world from that dream but in order to perform “Inception”, you need to take the victim through the layers of dream (dreams within dreams), if someone dies in a dream which is inside another dream then they will not woke up, they will go into limbo and there mind in real world will go into coma.

The only way to know whether you are in a dream world or real is to use spinning top, which spins permanently in a dream world but which falls eventually after some spins in a real world.

Cobb has problem which no one know except Ariadne (Ellen Page) a architect, she discovers that vision of Cobb’s deceased wife Mal continually haunts him, constantly destroying his missions. Cobb then tell Ariadne that they spent 50 years in the limbo (because when your in dream, the 5 mins of real world is equal to one hour of dream world, similar 5 mins of that dream world is equal to one hour of dream world which is inside that dream and so on….). So After Mal wakes up, she still thought that they are in dream world and her children are just the mental projection of her brain, so she commits suicide so that she can return to real world.

Can Cobb over come Mal’s dreams? Will he perform Inception properly or they all will be lost in limbo? When they all wake up from n number of dream layers will they wake up in real world or they all are in another dream? Will he ever return to his home to meet his children? Will he plant the Idea into the victims? Why Cobb is so sure that he can do the Inception while other team members believe that it is impossible – because when you say some one don’t think about Elephants they will start to think about  Elephants.

Believe me this movie will definitely give your mind a great spin, a must watch movie.

I give it 5/5.

Love, Lust & Life by Azhan Ahsan is the story of small town boy Ameen Jalal who calls himself pop of liars. Who spoke lies through out his life. He is dieing, his throat is cut, he is bleeding and he know no one can save him and he wants the whole world to know about his lies before he dies.

He tells his story about his life, about his love and his lies and he want whole world to know his lies.
Ameen Jalal born in second class Muslim Family, his father admits him to Urdu medium school while his mother insist his father to send him to English medium school. Finally his mother wins and he is admitted to English Medium school. Life takes more twists and turns in his life and he get chance to visit Mumbai. In Mumbai he starts his career as a Basketball coach. His first student ‘Priyanka’ is pretty and beautiful girl, while coaching her he falls in love with Priyanka.

While he is lost in Priyanka’s love, he forgets about his childhood friend Zareen, who loves Ameen from childhood. He promised her that he will marry her once he settle down his business in Mumbai.

When he never returns, Zareen is married to Ameen’s school friend.  Ameen marries to Priyanka and they both open a restaurant and life was going well until Zareen come to know about the marriage of Ameen. She gets furies because he made him false promises, told lies and never told him about him about Priyanka. She get furies also because he once promised him that he will marry her once he returns from Mumbai but he never returned.



The story is written very well, it follows the life of Ameen from childhood, how is struggled in life, about his school days about his family and his love, lust and his life. The author also described very well the happenings in India along with the life of Ameen.

This is the first book by Azhan Ahsan and I must say I am really impressed by his writing. Some people may say, this is the same old love story, no, he tried something new that no one else tried till now, Azhan has good observation and wrote this book intelligently.He just 21 years old and youngest author.

He is the 4th indian author I read, first three Indian authors are Chetan Bhagath, Aravind Adiga and Ashok Bankar. I love Indian writing because I believe that they are more closely related to our life’s. I recommend you to read the Indian  Novels and encourage the Indian authors to write.

If you want to try some thing new and light this weekend you can pick this book.

I give it : 3.5/5.

Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Soccer’s or Unidentified Flying Aircraft, whatever you call them, they remained as the mystery to many people since many years.

The time when humans got intelligence [We actually don’t know till now, when actually we got intelligence?], we wondered whether we are the only intelligent creatures in the whole universe or some other Intelligent species exist?, till date we believed that we are the only intelligent species in the whole universe of 100+ billion galaxies, each galaxy having 100+ billion solar systems like us, and each solar system has many planets.

So, Do UFO’s Really exists?, are there a Intelligent life some where in the vicinity of the universe ? are we the only intelligent species in whole universe of billions of earth like planets ? is life only exists at planet earth ?

The Name UFO coined by United State Air Force in 1952, after many UFO sighting reported. The term UFO got more popular after pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 24 1947 reported the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Kenneth Arnold  Showing drawing of UFO

Kenneth Arnold Showing drawing of UFO

Some scientist believe that these sighting of UFO are just some rubber balloons or natural phenomenon or comet. [Are they ?]

One of the well known UFO incident is : Roswell UFO Incident which took place in July of 1947, where many eye witness believe that they saw Alien Creatures and there bodies were taken by US army. The US Army also announced that they have the flying soccer in there possession.

There are many UFO sighting through out the world, it doesn’t make any sense that every one misunderstood Rubber Balloon or Comet as UFO. If we consider 90% of sighting as hoax, then 10% must have to be true.

Some believe that Governments are covering up the whole UFO and Alien contacts with earth. There are even reports that many people who saw the UFO are threatened by some men in black, for example Maury Island incident June 1947, eye witness saw some men in black came to cover up this whole incident. Who are they? Government secret agents. Some Ufologist believe that they are aliens or androids controlled by aliens who come to cover up the aliens action on the earth. Like Men In Black movie, where Government secrets agents erases all the information from eye witness who saw aliens or ufo’s.

men in black

men in black

Some Ufologist even believe that we have been contacted by third kind in the past, Erich von Däniken one of the well known Ufologist explains how alien made contact with us in past and how we misunderstood them as gods in his best selling book Chariots of the Gods?

There are certain questions Ufologist ask like :
1. Why does Nazca Lines exist?.
2. Why does Corp Circles exist?.
3. Do men in black really exist? or they are just hoax?
4. Do Mayan’s calender indicating the return of Aliens to earth in 2012 or world is really going to end?

In August 15, 1977 Dr. Jerry R. Ehman detected a strong narrow band radio signal, while working on a SETI(Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project at The Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University It is believed that the signal came from some other planet which not from our solar system.

Ehman circled the signal on computer printout and wrote the single word on it “WOW!” and this became the name of the signal.


WOW! Signal

They all tried for many days in the same direction from where they received this signal but never got it back. According to well known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, They might sent this signal say some two hundred years ago, if we send the signal back to them,  it will take the same amount of time to reach them but by the time our radio signal reach them, they might have stopped listening.



The next question comes here is, if they exists then how will they look like ? will they look like Humans [Some Ufologist believes so] or will they look like James Cameraon’s Avatar? or they look like Jadoo in Koi mil gaya or will they look like Aliens in Aliens v/s Predator movie (AVP) ?

Will these mysteries surrounding around UFO’s, Aliens will ever be solved? Will we ever discover the other intelligent species in universe ? Are we alone in the whole universe? Are we really been contacted by Aliens in past?

Next is Techno Thriller Novel by Michael Crichton, This Novel is based on Genetic Technology and Genetic Research and it’s impact on the near future.

The main theme of this books is Genetic and the ethical issues involved the use of genetics. This book doesn’t have the single plot, it has loads of sub plots. In every subplot author introduces some character, those characters has something to do with genetics.

NeXt involves lots people from all the fields, like Scientist, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Drivers, Guards, Kids and even Chimpanzees. In every plot author tried to show the impacts of genetic on the day to day life of a person, also in some plot he tried to show the advantages of genetics, like Growing artificial EAR, so that you don’t need a hearing machine.

Crichton is well known as father of techno-thriller novels, either it is Jurassic Park, Lost World or Timeline, you never put them down once you start reading his novels, but this novel is not like all other novels may be because the lack of story line.

While reading this novel, you will never feel like you are actually reading a novel, it is like reading a science book with many plots and example though some example given in this are hard to believe but still they will amaze you and don’t forgot he is the author who has given new life to the study of dinosaur after his ground breaking novel “Jurassic Park”.

The author presented some very good ideas, also raised the concerns about the owner ship of genes in courts and chaos involved with the ownership. This book will explore lots of unknown origins of genetic science, if you don’t know anything about genetics or know very little then this book is must for you if you are interested in genetics and biotechnology, it will serve both as novels as well as science book for you :).

“This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t.” ~  Michael Crichton.


Well, the story begins with Frank Burnet who contracted an aggressive form of leukemia and underwent treatment for four years, later he learns that checkups where setups for researching genetics basis of his cell which developed immune against leukemia. He later learns that his cells has been sold to BioGen, a biotechnology start up company which has taken patent on these cells. He then sues the university for selling the his cells without his knowledge and also sues BioGen for using his cell for commercial purpose.

In parallel, BioGen is developing a “maturity” gene. which BioGen developing for the control of irresponsible and addictive behavior. BioGen researcher Josh Winkler accidentally expose this gene to his drug-addictive brother Adam who is cured in few day and leaves the drugs and show maturity.

Some journalist discover some chimpanzees have been discovered which can speak french. A African grey parrot, Gerard, into which human genes were injected while he was a chick, can speak English and also mimic every sound. Gerard can solve the mathematics and he thinks he is a person not animal.

Henry Kendall, a researcher some Bio-tech company finds that his introduction of human genes into chimpanzees  a few years ago, has resulted in transgenic chimp who can talk and has lots of hairs on his body like chimps.
Some artist uses genetic modification to change the appearance of animal, he changes the appearance of turtle which after genetic modification display the shining logo of Bio Technology company in night.
Human genome has around 32K genes and chimpanzees only differ in 500 genes from humans. Author also states that 5% of our genes are already owned by some bio-tech companies.

There are some plots in which a college girls sells her eggs for some bucks and there is one very interesting plot in which a doctor while in college donated his sperms to someone but after 20 years a girl appears claiming to be his daughter and accuses him fro her drug addiction and tells him that his whole family has the drug addiction gene which he transferred to her and she going to sue him for this.

At the end author gives some reference to the books which from which you can read more about biotechnology and genetics and gene therapy.Overall a very good read if know little about bio-tech and genetics.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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