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The Associate

Posted on: July 1, 2010

The Associate is John Grisham’s 21st Novel.

This story is easy read and a true page turner, this book is the typical John Grisham style novel which will keep interest of the reader until the last page of the book.

But I really disappointed by the ending of this book, I was expecting more reliable ending. I think John Grisham is planning the sequel of this book, because he left so many open threads. At the end of this book, I was like What the F..*, where are the rest of pages ?

I even heard that John Grisham is saying that this book is similar to his best selling book “The Firm”, I don’t know how much similarity it has with “The Firm” because I haven’t read it yet ( soon will pick it up 🙂 ).

The Associate

The Associate

The story revolves around Kyle McAvoy a Law student and editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal. He has plans for highly successful life in law but his plan are ruined when he is visited by mysterious Bennie Wright, who show him the videotape of party which took place in his apartment five years back, in this tape it is shown that two of his fraternity brothers having sex with Joey Bernardo and Baxter Tate having sexual relations with Elaine Keenan who later claims she is raped, but due to insufficient evidence the Kyle side won the case. but now in the tape it is clear that she is raped. Bennie threatens Kyle to expose the tape to media and internet unless he cooperate with him and his associates.

Kyle never tell this to anyone because he is secretly followed by many Bennie’s detectives and start to act according to Bennie.

This book is has both Legal genre and Detective Genre where Kyle trying to find who Bennie is why he want him to stole information from New York City-based Scully & Pershing, the world’s largest law firm.

Rest of the story is based on the following  question :

Can he find who is Bennie?
Can he steel the info from his employer “Scully & Pershing”?

If you want read Grisham style book , this is the good one but don’t expect much at the end of the book, the climax leave you wondering and you will surely search for the rest of the pages event though you just reached the last page :).

I give it : 3.5/5.


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