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Theodore Boone : Kid Lawyer

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Theodore Boone : Kid Lawyer is the young fiction novel by John Grisham, this book is for specially 10-15 year old and also for adults who love John Grisham’s legal fiction.

Theodore Boone or Theo Boone is 8th Grade student, who’s father is a lawyer and mother is also a divorce lawyer and his uncle was also lawyer and his grand father was also a lawyer, technically speaking the whole Boone family was full of lawyers. No surprise that, Theo also wants to become lawyer or judge, he is not sure, whether to become a lawyer or judge.

Theo in his class is well knows as legal adviser for kids as well as for adults, this where Grisham Shines, because he will make you believe that kid can know law better than adults and other lawyers. Theo gives free advice to all his class mates and teachers free of charge, he like only one class, that is Government, he want to spend much time in Court than in School.

Theodore Boone

Theodore Boone

Theo delivers free lectures to all the class mates on Criminal Law, Family Law and Foreclosure law. I think this an attempt by Grisham to make kids aware of the American law and he does it very well in this novel.

The main plot line of this book is the murder trial at Strattenburg after many years and every one excited about this and wants to see the trial. When his father and teacher refuses to send him to the court, he hacks into the courts computer and reads the updates about the case on daily bases.

Theo suddenly found himself in middle of the biggest murder trial in Strattenburg’s history. Can he solve the mystery?

I really disappointed by the ending of the book, the murder mystery is not full suspense, you can easily guess. I think he (John Grisham) is going to make the series out of it. I will recommend this for Kids and those who loves John Grisham’s Legal Fiction, though this not one of his best work, but you will enjoy it.

I am giving it : 3.5/5.

18 Responses to "Theodore Boone : Kid Lawyer"

looks good one to read ,will buy my copy this weekend … 🙂

It is good one to read 🙂

Hey Nice review… you are reading lots of John Grisham’s books..

Recently I seen your post on Books on my shelf III… I am not seeing any review for those books in your blog…

Waiting for those too 🙂

Thanks Ujval, I completed couple books from Books on my shelf III, surely will post the review.

really good …

Thank you Geeta for comment and visiting my blog 🙂


I didn’t agree with your review in full. On the other hand, I’m a great believer in having your own opinions on books, so let’s agree to disagree. It was a very nice review. 🙂

Thanks Sakhi for visiting My Blog..
I agree with your comment “let’s agree to disagree” 🙂

I think adults may like this one more than students.

Wel-come to my blog Yingling, and you are right Adult will like this book more than students or children!

All of the novels of John Grisham are very good, i love all the stories ;’`

I’ve seen this on the shelves a lot!

yes, it’s good book.. 🙂

What do you mean it wasn’t one of his best i have read all of the john grisham books and this at least rates up to at least second best try reading the confession it is the best speeking of which i have to solve a stolen horse case Bye-Bye

Purchased ‘The Confession’ recently.. will post the review once I complete reading..

I’ve seen this book everywhere but never picked it up. Might give it a try despite the flaws. Kid mysteries = fun xD Great review!

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