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Posted on: July 15, 2010

Next is Techno Thriller Novel by Michael Crichton, This Novel is based on Genetic Technology and Genetic Research and it’s impact on the near future.

The main theme of this books is Genetic and the ethical issues involved the use of genetics. This book doesn’t have the single plot, it has loads of sub plots. In every subplot author introduces some character, those characters has something to do with genetics.

NeXt involves lots people from all the fields, like Scientist, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Drivers, Guards, Kids and even Chimpanzees. In every plot author tried to show the impacts of genetic on the day to day life of a person, also in some plot he tried to show the advantages of genetics, like Growing artificial EAR, so that you don’t need a hearing machine.

Crichton is well known as father of techno-thriller novels, either it is Jurassic Park, Lost World or Timeline, you never put them down once you start reading his novels, but this novel is not like all other novels may be because the lack of story line.

While reading this novel, you will never feel like you are actually reading a novel, it is like reading a science book with many plots and example though some example given in this are hard to believe but still they will amaze you and don’t forgot he is the author who has given new life to the study of dinosaur after his ground breaking novel “Jurassic Park”.

The author presented some very good ideas, also raised the concerns about the owner ship of genes in courts and chaos involved with the ownership. This book will explore lots of unknown origins of genetic science, if you don’t know anything about genetics or know very little then this book is must for you if you are interested in genetics and biotechnology, it will serve both as novels as well as science book for you :).

“This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t.” ~  Michael Crichton.


Well, the story begins with Frank Burnet who contracted an aggressive form of leukemia and underwent treatment for four years, later he learns that checkups where setups for researching genetics basis of his cell which developed immune against leukemia. He later learns that his cells has been sold to BioGen, a biotechnology start up company which has taken patent on these cells. He then sues the university for selling the his cells without his knowledge and also sues BioGen for using his cell for commercial purpose.

In parallel, BioGen is developing a “maturity” gene. which BioGen developing for the control of irresponsible and addictive behavior. BioGen researcher Josh Winkler accidentally expose this gene to his drug-addictive brother Adam who is cured in few day and leaves the drugs and show maturity.

Some journalist discover some chimpanzees have been discovered which can speak french. A African grey parrot, Gerard, into which human genes were injected while he was a chick, can speak English and also mimic every sound. Gerard can solve the mathematics and he thinks he is a person not animal.

Henry Kendall, a researcher some Bio-tech company finds that his introduction of human genes into chimpanzees  a few years ago, has resulted in transgenic chimp who can talk and has lots of hairs on his body like chimps.
Some artist uses genetic modification to change the appearance of animal, he changes the appearance of turtle which after genetic modification display the shining logo of Bio Technology company in night.
Human genome has around 32K genes and chimpanzees only differ in 500 genes from humans. Author also states that 5% of our genes are already owned by some bio-tech companies.

There are some plots in which a college girls sells her eggs for some bucks and there is one very interesting plot in which a doctor while in college donated his sperms to someone but after 20 years a girl appears claiming to be his daughter and accuses him fro her drug addiction and tells him that his whole family has the drug addiction gene which he transferred to her and she going to sue him for this.

At the end author gives some reference to the books which from which you can read more about biotechnology and genetics and gene therapy.Overall a very good read if know little about bio-tech and genetics.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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nice review i’ll give 4 out of 5

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Thanks for the info 🙂

Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this by myself.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

I have been wanting to read crichton and thanks to your review, I now know whats the next book in my queue 🙂

Thanks Muddassir for visiting my blog and for comment too 🙂

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