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The Doomsday Key

Posted on: August 6, 2010

The Doomsday Key is my first James Rollins Book, I actually wanted to read his books from many days, so I picked this one. Being Dan Browns fan I heard my friends saying that James Rollins also write good historical fictions so wanted to try read his books and I find this one.

So I started reading The Doomsday Key my first James Rollins novel, honestly I am really pleased with what I read. This novel has everything suspense, action, drama, bad guys who want to destroy world, a historical secret buried for thousands of year and search for the key to save the world.

The Doomsday Key is the sixth book in Sigma Force series, Since this is my first book of Sigma Series I was afraid before starting the novel I might not understand or get to know the characters very well, but this did not effect the story line and some characters are very generic you don’t really need to read the first novel to understand the characters.

The Dooms Day Key

The Dooms Day Key

If you read Dan Browns “The Davinci Code”, you will probable guess after few pages that this novel has very strong feel of the “The Davinci Code”. Some times I felt that the actions sequences described in the book are lengthy and unnecessary.

At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a bio hazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in the heart of St. Peters Basilica. In Africa, a US Senator’s son is slain within a Red Cross camp in Ghana. These three murders on three continents bear a horrifying tie: all the victims are marked by a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh. The bizarre murders thrust Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force into a global hunt for a powerful group of industrialists who have a stranglehold on the world’s food supply. Aided by two women from his past, Gray flees a trio of high-tech assassins as he pieces together the clues. But saving the world comes at a high price: Pierce must sacrifice one of the women. Yet even that price might not be enough, for as he soon discovers, the only true path to salvation lies with the Doomsday Key.

The center plot of the book is about the mysteries disease which wiped out the whole villages of England and those villages are marked in Doomsday Book as “wasted”. Some believe that the mysteries disease is plagues and study shows that these people died because of hunger with fully belly and some sinister organization wants to cast the same plagues again to control the population of world.  The only thing which can stop the Doomsday is the Doomsday Key.

I really enjoyed the book and I really liked the way Rollins tells ancient legends, but some time I felt the action sequences too boring and even I escaped some action sequences due the repetitions. Even I felt that some of the sub plots in the book are not really required.

Overall a good read and enjoyable though some point you will feel boor but a good weekend read.

I give it 3.5/5.


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