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Name : The Client

Author: John Grisham

Genre : Legal thriller

Pages : 614 (paper back edition)

Language: English

Publication Year: 1993

Is Review Spoiler: No

Rating: 4/5


Review: After reading John Grisham’s best-selling novel “The Associate”, I liked his writing style very much, and started reading his other works too. I read his three to four titles after “The Associate”, but those were not his best works.

I picked the “The Client” few days back from Crossword and started reading it. What made The Client different from his other works is the fact that this book is filled with suspense and the lead character in this book is an Eleven Year old boy – Mark Sway.

The Client is another page turner by John Grisham and the characters in this book are very complex. The character development in this book is excellent.

Mark Sway – A eleven year old boy, who lives with his mother and little brother Ricky (8-year-old) in a Trailer. Mark is brilliant and foolish at the same time because he polls himself out of one complex situation and at the same time put himself into another situation which keeps book moving. Grisham shown here Mark as child as well as Adult who is the head of his family. Mark some time spoke as a 40-year-old and some time he speaks as child – who keep on asking questions about his rights and law.

Another very complex character is Reggie Love – A female lawyer who has been practicing law for five years. Her client usually include the children and she cares very much about her little “clients”, even some time she is willing to put her life in danger for them. She was a former alcoholic and former drug consumer. after divorce and attempted suicide she starts her second life as lawyer.

There are many complex and very interesting characters (FBI agents, Lawyers, Mafia, Judges and Doctors etc) in the book and believe me the character development is just excellent. This book is the real page turner by Grisham. Start it when you have a lot of time to spare because you won’t be able to put it down.

The story revolves around 11-year-old Mark Sway – who with his little brother Ricky who is 8-year-old, goes for smoking in the forest near his home. Hiding behind the weeds – they both smoke the cigarette and Mark teaches his brother how to smoke the cigarette because Ricky caught him stealing cigarette from her mother’s cigarette pack.

Romey – the lawyer of the mafia hit-man comes into the forest where Mark and Ricky where smoking and commits suicide by blowing his mind with a gun but before he commits suicide he tells a horrible secret about the location of the dead US senator body. The senator is killed by Romey’s Client ‘Blade’ – A Mafia Hit-Man. after seeing the suicide his little brother Ricky goes into coma and Mark is threatened by Mafia if he repeats what Romey told him, they will kill his whole family.

Mafia wants to silence him forever and where as FBI wants him to reveal the location of the body at any cost. FBI haven’t found the body of senator after searching it for months and without body they won’t prove the charges against the killer ‘The Blade’.
So Mark hires Reggie Love, to protect his rights and help him out-smart both the district attorney and the Mafia and the FBI. Reggie Love must protect her little Client from the district attorney, FBI who wants him to tell the location of the body and from the Mafia who wants to kill him.

Overall a very interesting and enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book for all crime/legal/mystery fiction fans.


The below quote is from the book “Living Cosmos” by Chris Impey –

Science is the ITCH that demands to be SCRATCHED.”

About the Author: Salman Rushdie is British-Indian novelist. He achieved notability with his second novel “Midnight’s Children”, the “Midnight’s Children” won the Booker Prize in 1981. The style of his writing is classified as magical realism mixed with historical fiction.

About the Book: Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie is dedicated to his son Luka. This book is sequel to the Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

Review: This is my second Salman Rushdie’s book, the first one is “Midnight’s Children” which I started reading few months back and haven’t yet finished (I don’t know why, whenever I pick this book up, I read few pages and put it back in shelf. Then Again I pick up this book after few week/months and repeat the same thing).

This book is set in video-game-like atmosphere like going from one-level-another-level with the bunch of life to spare. The ” Luka and the Fire of life “ is inspired by his son Luka. This is the sequel to the “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, but don’t worry if you haven’t read “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, this story is completely different. What I liked most is the Rushdie’s style of writing.

The story revolves around 12 year old Luka, who has two pets – The Dog named Bear and The Bear named Dog (through out the book author refers them as Dog the Bear and Bear the Dog). Luka’s father Rashid Khalifa, is the legendary storyteller of the village Kahani. One day Luka’s father fallen into deep sleep (coma like) from which no one can wake him. To keep his father alive Luka learns that he must travel to the magical world to steal the ever-burning Fire of Life. Luka goes for the quest of finding the Fire of Life with Dog named Bear and Bear named Dog.

The time is very less and he must cross all the levels fight with magical creatures and bring back Fire of Life ASAP. Can he do this?

The story is very interesting and flow is very good till 80 pages, after that it start to get slower and you start to think that the story is stressed out in some parts. The atmosphere of the book is video-game-like, what I mean is here Luka has to cross few level before he get to the Fire of Life and he has some life’s (he won’t die in Magical World until his life count is ZERO). Luka must press save button(s) after crossing each level otherwise he will start from the beginning if dies without saving the progress.

Rating: 3.5/5.

He is alone in home, it’s 1 AM, lights go out. While he is searching for match box.. someone lights the CANDLE!

P.S: [The above story is a 55 fiction]

About the Author: Greg Iles is an American bestselling novelist and his first novel is Spandau Phoenix, a thriller about Nazi war criminal Rudolf Huzz.

About the Book: The Footprints of God is a thriller novel, The book was sold as Dark Matter in Australia. It made the New York Times bestseller list.

Review: This is my first book by Greig Illes and honestly speaking I really enjoyed this book. I am always very interested in the books which will introduce me to new ideas. In this book Greig Illes takes current dependency of computers in our day to day life to new level. This book has themes like scientific research and achievement, political intrigue, and moral/ethical themes. This book is packed with high tech computer achievements, mystery, philosophy and a whole new concept of God and Origin of life and universe. This book has everything one expects from the techno-thriller/geek, mystery-thriller novel, it is a real page turner, it has mystery, it has suspense, it has drama, it has action and most of all it will keep you awake till you finish this book, no matter how late it is.

The story is narrated by Dr. David Tennant, a M.D. and ethicist appointed by the President as the official representative of the White House to take into consideration the ethical/moral implication of the super-confidential military project known as Trinity. Trinity is the name given to the Supercomputer in construction by many Nobel laureates, this computer will be the improvement over the human brain. This computer is created with the new techniques, not like old AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques which involves Algorithms, Logic, Learning, etc.

The story takes shocking turn when a fellow researcher Andrew Fielding dies, the reports say that Fielding died due to massive heart attack. But Tenant doesn’t believe it and he discovers some shocking secrets that makes him believe that Andrew Fielding is murdered. He need to now, find out what is the reason behind his fellow researcher’s murder because his life depends on it, with help of his psychiatrist Rachel.If we want to create AI which will be more intelligent than human then we need to walk on ‘The Footprints of the God’.

Overall a very good thriller and very interesting book which will expose you to whole new world of AI and nano technology. A must read for Sci-Fi/Mystery-Thriller fans.

Rating : 4/5.

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