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Luka and the Fire of Life

Posted on: December 7, 2010

About the Author: Salman Rushdie is British-Indian novelist. He achieved notability with his second novel “Midnight’s Children”, the “Midnight’s Children” won the Booker Prize in 1981. The style of his writing is classified as magical realism mixed with historical fiction.

About the Book: Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie is dedicated to his son Luka. This book is sequel to the Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

Review: This is my second Salman Rushdie’s book, the first one is “Midnight’s Children” which I started reading few months back and haven’t yet finished (I don’t know why, whenever I pick this book up, I read few pages and put it back in shelf. Then Again I pick up this book after few week/months and repeat the same thing).

This book is set in video-game-like atmosphere like going from one-level-another-level with the bunch of life to spare. The ” Luka and the Fire of life “ is inspired by his son Luka. This is the sequel to the “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, but don’t worry if you haven’t read “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, this story is completely different. What I liked most is the Rushdie’s style of writing.

The story revolves around 12 year old Luka, who has two pets – The Dog named Bear and The Bear named Dog (through out the book author refers them as Dog the Bear and Bear the Dog). Luka’s father Rashid Khalifa, is the legendary storyteller of the village Kahani. One day Luka’s father fallen into deep sleep (coma like) from which no one can wake him. To keep his father alive Luka learns that he must travel to the magical world to steal the ever-burning Fire of Life. Luka goes for the quest of finding the Fire of Life with Dog named Bear and Bear named Dog.

The time is very less and he must cross all the levels fight with magical creatures and bring back Fire of Life ASAP. Can he do this?

The story is very interesting and flow is very good till 80 pages, after that it start to get slower and you start to think that the story is stressed out in some parts. The atmosphere of the book is video-game-like, what I mean is here Luka has to cross few level before he get to the Fire of Life and he has some life’s (he won’t die in Magical World until his life count is ZERO). Luka must press save button(s) after crossing each level otherwise he will start from the beginning if dies without saving the progress.

Rating: 3.5/5.


12 Responses to "Luka and the Fire of Life"

concept sounds interesting. i had read midnights children and loved it.

Thanks for reading .. As I said.. Haven’t able to finish midnights children yet..

Hi visiting via Indiblogger. No doubt Salmaan Rushdie is is world class writer and he created a huge fan base all over the world. But I feel he played with the sentiments of people by writing the controversial Satanic verses in the same way MF Hussain by drawing naked pictures of goddess. Both may be gifted artists, but the way they hurt the people’s sentiments deserves condemnation. Any way wish both of them come out with many more creations and get selected to to Nobel prize.

Yes.. you are right.. I hope so they will come up with more creative works without playing with the sentiments of people.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

lol. dis actually reminds me of hatim…hav cn every episode of it!….but i really reallyyyyy dislike salman rushdie…i mean d stuff he sez to d media n all…nasty is the wrd! havin evr read any of his wrk tho….thinkin i will b readin DAT guy’s book mks me feel rather reluctant! đŸ˜®

Yeah.. I too.. I dislike him because he plays with the sentiments of the people..
I start reading his midnights children – haven’t liked much.. so put it aside..
I am to not a fan of Salman Rushdie..

and yes I too remember Hatim.. Watched all of the episodes.. ( even Movie to (*ing Jitendar as Hatim) )

I havent read Rushdie yet, but let me try.
I desperately wanted to read that shalimar clown or soemthing but I am currently readind Dostoevsky

I havent read Rushdie yet, but let me try.
I desperately wanted to read that shalimar clown or something but I am currently readind Dostoevsky

You will like Rushdie’s Writing style..
Thanks for reading the review..

Never read him…but I must…coz I love people who dare speak their minds!

Thanks for reading Nalini..

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