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Name : Seven Ancient Wonders

Author: Matthew Reilly

Genre : Thriller

Pages : 472

Language: English

Publication Year: October 2005

Is Review Spoiler: No

Movie based on this book : –

Awards :

Rating: (1/2)/5


This is not a novel , it might look like a novel with stunning cover page, complete with 472 pages and priced like a real novel but it’s not a novel at all. It’s a collection of notes, pictures, and some ‘Indiana Jones’ kind of action sequences in which our protagonist and his team member’s try to avoid the trap of ancient buildings etc,. There is no STORY at all, not a real plot only a grand tour of so-called seven ancient wonder’s of world.

This is bad, very bad, head aching bad, jaw dropping bad, very bad. The description is even bad and lazy like ‘boom boom goes that, boom boom boom goes this, splash, thawak, WHUMP, crack and many more. Those description will make you think that you are not reading a novel instead you are reading a comic book.

Believe me my first mistake before purchasing this book is, I gone through the ‘‘ who gave this book **** (4 star?), how on earth some one give this kind of terrible book 4 stars? I should have looked in which has rating ‘** 1/2 (2 and half star) but still it’s not even worth 2.5 stars.

Second mistake I made is I purchased this terrible book from even my instinct was saying don’t purchase it.

Third mistake and this is the biggest one, I read it, yes you heard it correct, I read this terrible book!

Story opens with every one is on the run and on the run we get their mission, we get the names of team member (code name’s also) and we get some villeins as usual trying to destroy the world. every one good guys & bad guys are in race to collect the seven parts of the cape stone of the Giza’s pyramid which are hidden by Alexander in seven pieces in so-called seven ancient wonder’s of the world. they need to collect all the seven pieces and assemble them & place them on Giza pyramid before the solar event else world will end!

The bottom line is don’t waste your money and time on this nonsense book, highly highly not recommended to anyone.


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