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And the Mountains Echoed

Posted on: October 1, 2013

atmechoedName :  And the Mountains Echoed

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Genre : Historical fiction, Drama

Pages : 400+

Publication Year: May 21, 2013

Is Review Spoiler: No

Would you recommend this book: Yes

Rating: 5/5


And The Mountains Echoed is the third book by acclaimed author Khaled Hosseini, whose previous two books ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘The Thousand Splendid Suns’ are bestsellers.

‘You want a story and I will tell you one,’ –  The story begins in Afaganistan 1952, where Saboor is travaling with his son Abdullah and his daughter ‘Pari’ to Kabul through the MOUNTAINS.

Saboor tells them a story, a story to prepare Pari and Abdullah, specially Abdullah who has unusually powerful bond to his sister ‘Pari’. Saboor narrates them a story which has a simple moral – ‘how at times of need, one has to sacrifice a finger to save a hand’. A mythical story of a div (or demon) and a father who will give away his most loved son to demon for a better life on a pact that he will never see him again. Saboor is telling this story to his son to prepare him for the coming disaster which will changes the lives of everyone, the one that will ECHO down the generations.

The book compared to other Hosseini’s book doesn’t have single or two character narrative instead this book has the multi-layered narrative in which the different characters linked to same family in different timelines narrates the story.

There are only few writers who can produce back-to-back masterpieces and Husseini is one of those writers.There is lot to learn in this book, Love, Friendship, political turmoil in Afghanistan. The portrayal of each character in this book excellent, you will feel the pain, sadness and happiness of each character in this book. Each character and each story in this book is crafted perfectly and the stories in this book though at beginning you won’t find any relevance  to actual story but at the end all threads will meet perfectly to make a perfect story.

As I proceeded with the story, I realized that each character in this book is a hero, either it be Parawana step mother of Abdullah or Nabi uncle of Adbullah or Nila Wahdati – each and every character has a story to tell and each story will make that character a hero. Each character has a purpose in this book though a purpose he/she never had in her mind.

At times I felt that narrative was disjointed and doesn’t have a clear picture as to their relation to the story of Abdullah and Pari. Like the narrative of Markos – a Greek aid worker in Afghanistan and acquaintance of Nabi.

But nevertheless – And The Mountains Echoed is an epic tale of heartbreak and hope, hope of meeting your loved ones, hope of reuniting with your family. And Indeed “This story is like a moving train: no matter where you hop on-board, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later.”

I recommend this book for everyone. Go ahead and read it.

Some awesome lines from the book:

1. For courage, there must be something at stake. I come here with nothing to lose.

2. Nothing good came free. Even love. You paid for all things. And if you were poor, suffering was your currency.

3. Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for.

4. I swear, since seeing Your face, the whole world is fraud and fantasy. The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf or blossom. The distracted birds can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare.

5. A story is like a moving train: no matter where you hop onboard, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later.

6. I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us.

7. They say, Find a purpose in your life and live it. But, sometimes, it is only after you have lived that you recognize your life had a purpose, and likely one you never had in mind.

8. You know I don’t like dogs. They have no self-respect. You kick them and they still love you.It’s depressing.

9. They think they live by what they want. But really what guides them is what they’re afraid of. What they don’t want.

10. But time, it is like charm. You never have as much as you think.


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