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Posted on: October 10, 2013

reamdeName : Reamde

Author: Neal Stephenson

Genre : Techno-thriller

Pages : 1056

Publication Year: September 20, 2011

Is Review Spoiler: No

Rating: 2/5


Reamde by Neal Stephenson is released on 21st September 2011. This books covers a wide range of topics like gold farming and social networking to the criminal methods of the Russian mafia and Islamic terrorists.

The book begins with very good plot which revolves around Richard who owns the nearly one billion dollars company that designed and operates an Massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) called “T’Rain”. In T’Rain users can acts as gold farmers, warriors and kinngs. In order to buy magical spells, armers etc you need to buy the Gold coins by paying actual money. Gold farmer can get the money for the gold they gathered by going to Money Changers.

One of the hacker in China finds a loophole in T’Rain and develops a virus named ‘Reamde’ which affects millions of T’Rain users world-wide. The virus will encrypt all the files of a laptop/computer and converts it into a single file named ‘Troll.jpg’ and it will provide a text file called ‘Reamde.txt’ in which users of T’Rain are instructed to drop certain amount of gold in specified location to get decryption key.

Till here story goes fine and characters development is also good but all of sudden the story takes unexpected turn, that’s where everything becomes unreadable and boring. Neal Stephenson all of sudden diverts a very good story into a wild terrorist hunt with lots of unnecessary description of about how guns works, about different demographics which doesn’t contribute anything to story apart from filling the pages. He even included a 100+ pages lengthy gun fight sequence. I escaped so many pages while reading this book which didn’t had any direct or indirect link to the underlying story of the book.

This is not the best work from the author of widely acclaimed novels like ‘Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash and Anathem’. The book is very interesting till Russian Mafia jumps in to it – from this point onwards the book lost all its charm and plot. From this point it’s all about Russian Mafia, Chinese, How to get into a country without Visa, Terrorism and Hostage Rescued operation.

I have given this book two stars because I liked the concept of the T’Rain and APIS which I thought is really interesting and I enjoyed reading it otherwise I would have given it 1 star. I won’t recommend this book to any one and If I had a chance I would have sent back my Kindle Edition to Amazon for refund but I read it two or three-week after I purchased it from by that time refund period was expired.


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