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What does being modern mean to you?

Posted on: November 11, 2013

I was thinking since some days and this question is driving me crazy. Looks like everyone has their own answer for this question? achha teek hai, let them have their own answers – the question to that question is [aap soch rahen hogen ‘question to that question’ ab ye kya hai?] whatever answer we get for this question are all of them correct? or do we lack the answer for this question?

Akhir ye question hai kya? here it is – ‘What does being modern mean to you?’. Whenever you ask this question to someone, you will get a different answer from each person. Some might say

1. ‘being modern to me means – being in touch with all the technical and scientific progress mankind has done so far’.
2. ‘being modern to me means – being open-minded, unbiased, environmentally enlightened’.
3. ‘being modern to me means – to prove myself or to contribute towards the growth of country.’
4. ‘being modern to me means – to study in abroad and follow western culture’.

Here is a definition of modern [Google Sir aap ka bahoth shukriya for quick answer]modern11. “relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.”
2. “characterized by or using the most up-to-date techniques, ideas, or equipment.”
3. “denoting the form of a language that is currently used, as opposed to any earlier form.”
4. “denoting a current or recent style or trend in art, architecture, or other cultural activity marked by a significant departure from traditional styles and values.”


What I think is being modern means,  I think that being modern is to be:

1. Open-Minded – willing to consider new ideas not having or showing a dislike or distrust based on fixed or preconceived ideas.

2. Respecting elders – everyone who think himself to be modern should respect their elders, don’t forget one day you will also become elder – you won’t going to remain youth forever.

3. Contributing towards society –  like by spreading awareness about the importance of voting etc.

4. Being modest in your dressing (applicable for men and women).

5. Using technology to solve the problem not creating new ones.


What I think is not being modern:

1. Disrespecting your parents – I have heard many time people start to disrespect their parents in their old age and unfortunately they think it’s modern. What more they respect their friends above their parent and some unfortunate souls put their parents in old age home. Dear friends it’s not at all modern and if you think it’s modern then Animal are more modern than you.

2. Being not modest in your dressing – Simple hai ‘If you think half-naked is modern then Animal are most modern creatures in this world!’.

3. Wasting your money in buying falto gadgets which you hardly use. You just buy it because you think it’s modern and everyone else got one. Nahi mere bhai ye modern nahi hai.

[All the views expressed here are my personal, agar kisiko bora laga hai isse tu sorry ji, maaf kardena].


4 Responses to "What does being modern mean to you?"

ts not abt modernity or otherwise. in the 1800s, printing press was “revolutonary technology”. “respecting ur elders” is a moving target. what was respect 2 generations ago is today blind faith. each of us has our own view on what is “respect”. to me, it is the ability to respect them for their wisdom, but not just for their age. because age comes anyway. if someone behaves like an immature child, it doesnt matter what their age is, or what their relationship with me is. i wont “Respect” them.

of all the posts i read thru indivine this morning, this one has incited a response. 🙂

If they behave like immature child – it might be because of their old age but that doesn’t mean we should not respect them. But of late – now a days it’s kind of becoming trend, more and more people started disrespecting their parents. Everyday you will read about parents being sent to old age house and a sad part is – they think it’s being modern!

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