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Ast : I believe in things which I see.

Doc : Then, there must be many things which you don’t believe in?

Ast : Yes, like God.

Doc : What do you mean?

Ast : Look, I stayed in space station for months, landed on moon but never saw God or Angels only void and stars.

Doc : What do you think about air? You can’t see it?

Ast : Off-course it exists, I can feel it.

Doc : Great, you know, I too operated on great brains, some scientist, some scholars but I never saw a single THOUGHT! and also never felt their presence. Even though I believe thoughts exist, do you?

Ast : 😐

[ Ast : Astronaut, Doc : Doctor (Brain Surgeon)]


Scientist:  “Every thing came into existence after Big Bang”

Scholar:  “You mean, we evolved from Amoeba to Humans?”

Scientist: “Exactly, everything EVOLVED.”

Scholar: “Let say, one day you open your house and you see a new wooden desk placed in your bed room. What will you think about it[desk]?”

Scientist: “Obviously, someone placed that desk in my room.”

Scholar: “When I asked you about desk, first thought which came in your mind is someone placed it in your room, right?”

Scientist: “Yes”.

Scholar: “When I asked you about Universe and Humans, you said they evolved. right?”

Scientist: “Right!”

Scholar: “When I asked you about desk, why didn’t you said ‘the desk EVOLVED?’ “.

Scientist: 😐

He is alone in home, it’s 1 AM, lights go out. While he is searching for match box.. someone lights the CANDLE!

P.S: [The above story is a 55 fiction]

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