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So, here comes another year – 2014, a new year! But I didn’t see anything ‘new’ today? Kyun? May be ‘New’ is just an illusion? is it not? what do you think is ‘New’ in the so-called new year?

Today I woke up and while going towards office – I saw the sun and guess what? it was rising from east! nothing ‘new’ out there? may be Sun doesn’t know it’s a new year? then I looked at a tree and lo! it was the same tree as I saw it yesterday[may be some leaves are gone] but overall it’s the same tree, nothing ‘new’!

While crossing the signal – I saw bunch of rickshaw/biker’s jumping the signal as usual and guess what? nothing ‘new’ out there also? Still in hope of find the ‘new’ in my ‘new quest’ – I went further and saw same old ‘noise pollution and air pollution’ and people running here and there for catching buses or rickshaws – nothing new at all here also.


Then I went further ahead – hoping I will find something ‘new’ – found that people are smoking in public places and also spitting here and there as usual and most of ATM’s are out of service – that too as usual, nothing new!

While walking – totally disappointed for not finding anything ‘NEW’ and suddenly as I looked ahead, there I found something ‘new’ which wasn’t there yesterday! I found the wastage in road after new year celebration – the crackers, the balloons, the food and lot more things! Well this is not what I expected to be ‘new’?

After all it proves that – ‘New’ is just an Illusion! it’s only change in calendar not in our lives. Hum Insaan hain – hum kya expect karoge aap? We are good at these things, not only good very good!

Quest won’t end here – it will continued till I find something ‘NEW’ in coming new years! Wish you all a very happy ‘new’ year!


Dan Brown yesterday announced his new novel titled “Inferno” which will be releasing on May 14 2013.


Here is the synopsis from

In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces . . . Dante’s Inferno.

Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science. Drawing from Dante’s dark epic poem, Langdon races to find answers and decide whom to trust . . . before the world is irrevocably altered.

Love is eternal, Love is one time feeling, love happens ones in a life time. The question here is ‘what is love?’ Psychology depicts love as a cognitive and social phenomenon.

Personally speaking, as per me, Love is a feeling for the person, a very special person in your life, when you see that person your heart beats more rapidly. You are in love – when you want to spend the whole day with that person, when you want to hear from that person, when you start dreaming about that person, when you start thinking about that person.

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You’re in love. That makes you actually kind of boring to people who aren’t in love – Claudia Gray. 🙂

‘Falling in Love is a once-a-lifetime feeling’ I would have said it’s true if I traveled through time using time machine and writing these words, on a sunny day somewhere around 17th to 19th century. But I am writing these words here, in 21st first century this means ‘Falling in Love is a once-a-lifetime feeling’ is not true, you may ask why?, Well ……

Gone are the days, when guy used to sit whole day in burning summer in front of the girls house just to see her face, wave a hand at her. Gone are the days, when a guy/girl used to spend many sleepless nights just to write the love letter to here girl/boy friend. Gone are the days, when lovers used to be non-materialistic. Gone are the days, when people died for love. Gone are the days, when Love used to be blind.

In this Materialistic world, love got the eyes, love is no more blind. In this Materialistic world people break up faster than the glass and before breaking up they find another person who they think is there soul mate. So, is ‘Falling in Love is a once-a-lifetime feeling’ in this modern 21st century, no, off-course not. I am not saying that, you won’t find true love in 21st century. I am just saying that you may find true love more than once in 21st century :).

Last but not least, “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them – Thomas Merton”.

The below quote is from the book “Living Cosmos” by Chris Impey –

Science is the ITCH that demands to be SCRATCHED.”

Recently I saw the video on you tube – A Touching story of a father,son and a sparrow !

Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Soccer’s or Unidentified Flying Aircraft, whatever you call them, they remained as the mystery to many people since many years.

The time when humans got intelligence [We actually don’t know till now, when actually we got intelligence?], we wondered whether we are the only intelligent creatures in the whole universe or some other Intelligent species exist?, till date we believed that we are the only intelligent species in the whole universe of 100+ billion galaxies, each galaxy having 100+ billion solar systems like us, and each solar system has many planets.

So, Do UFO’s Really exists?, are there a Intelligent life some where in the vicinity of the universe ? are we the only intelligent species in whole universe of billions of earth like planets ? is life only exists at planet earth ?

The Name UFO coined by United State Air Force in 1952, after many UFO sighting reported. The term UFO got more popular after pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 24 1947 reported the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Kenneth Arnold  Showing drawing of UFO

Kenneth Arnold Showing drawing of UFO

Some scientist believe that these sighting of UFO are just some rubber balloons or natural phenomenon or comet. [Are they ?]

One of the well known UFO incident is : Roswell UFO Incident which took place in July of 1947, where many eye witness believe that they saw Alien Creatures and there bodies were taken by US army. The US Army also announced that they have the flying soccer in there possession.

There are many UFO sighting through out the world, it doesn’t make any sense that every one misunderstood Rubber Balloon or Comet as UFO. If we consider 90% of sighting as hoax, then 10% must have to be true.

Some believe that Governments are covering up the whole UFO and Alien contacts with earth. There are even reports that many people who saw the UFO are threatened by some men in black, for example Maury Island incident June 1947, eye witness saw some men in black came to cover up this whole incident. Who are they? Government secret agents. Some Ufologist believe that they are aliens or androids controlled by aliens who come to cover up the aliens action on the earth. Like Men In Black movie, where Government secrets agents erases all the information from eye witness who saw aliens or ufo’s.

men in black

men in black

Some Ufologist even believe that we have been contacted by third kind in the past, Erich von Däniken one of the well known Ufologist explains how alien made contact with us in past and how we misunderstood them as gods in his best selling book Chariots of the Gods?

There are certain questions Ufologist ask like :
1. Why does Nazca Lines exist?.
2. Why does Corp Circles exist?.
3. Do men in black really exist? or they are just hoax?
4. Do Mayan’s calender indicating the return of Aliens to earth in 2012 or world is really going to end?

In August 15, 1977 Dr. Jerry R. Ehman detected a strong narrow band radio signal, while working on a SETI(Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project at The Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University It is believed that the signal came from some other planet which not from our solar system.

Ehman circled the signal on computer printout and wrote the single word on it “WOW!” and this became the name of the signal.


WOW! Signal

They all tried for many days in the same direction from where they received this signal but never got it back. According to well known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, They might sent this signal say some two hundred years ago, if we send the signal back to them,  it will take the same amount of time to reach them but by the time our radio signal reach them, they might have stopped listening.



The next question comes here is, if they exists then how will they look like ? will they look like Humans [Some Ufologist believes so] or will they look like James Cameraon’s Avatar? or they look like Jadoo in Koi mil gaya or will they look like Aliens in Aliens v/s Predator movie (AVP) ?

Will these mysteries surrounding around UFO’s, Aliens will ever be solved? Will we ever discover the other intelligent species in universe ? Are we alone in the whole universe? Are we really been contacted by Aliens in past?

It’s dark in the room, He can feel the air passing through his ears, He can see the dim light which is coming from the balcony where his friend is sitting and talking to his Girlfriend, He can see the fan above his head, He can see everything but what the hell, He is not able to move a bit, He is trying very hard, trying to open my mouth to shout, trying to wave hand at his friend, even trying to blink but nothing is working, What the hell is going on.

He felt like someone sat on his chest, he/she tied his hands, even sealed his mouth. He started shivering, He tried very hard to move a bit from his bed, but no success. He even can’t see who is sitting on his chest, he felt a heavy weight on his chest. He thought something seriously going wrong with him, this not the first time it’s happening to him, it happens very frequently, he remembered what his fellow villagers used to say about this, they said it’s GHOST, you are being hunted.

He never shared this with anyone, just because people will laugh at him, he is afraid now, trying even harder. His phone rang, his friend picked up the phone , his friend Sameer thought he is asleep, he shouted his name, he can hear his name but he cannot move a bit, then finally his friend came close to him and Sameer put a hand on his shoulder and started to shake him, he suddenly woke up.

He saw everything is as it is, he know it’s not dream, he went directly to kitchen and drunk whole bottle of water, Sameer came to him asked “What is it man?, you are shivering”
He thought for second and finally told everything to him, Sameer laughed at him as he expected and opened his laptop, put his data card in it.
He told him to sit down and be calm, and he told him “You must have told me this before, it’s not what you and your fellow villagers thought, it not GHOST, and you are haunted, it’s called “SLEEP PARALYSIS”, have look”.
He opened Google and typed in search box sleep paralysis and explained to him :

Sleep Paralysis is related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. The major reason for sleep paralysis to occur is when your brain awakes from REM State, but your body paralysis persists. That;s why you are able to see everthing but you are not able to move your body parts as your body is still in patalysed state, but you brain is not. This can last for minutes, leaving you in panic.

He asked “What are the causes of this Sleep Paralysis ?”

“The major causes for sleep paralysis are :
1. Unstable sleeping schedule.
2. Stress.
3. Changing in environment or can be sleeping place.
4. Sleeping with face upward.”

He finally felt relief after the explanation of Sameer. He now know the cause for his hunting, no : it’s not hunting, it’s sleep paralysis.

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