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Love, Lust & Life by Azhan Ahsan is the story of small town boy Ameen Jalal who calls himself pop of liars. Who spoke lies through out his life. He is dieing, his throat is cut, he is bleeding and he know no one can save him and he wants the whole world to know about his lies before he dies.

He tells his story about his life, about his love and his lies and he want whole world to know his lies.
Ameen Jalal born in second class Muslim Family, his father admits him to Urdu medium school while his mother insist his father to send him to English medium school. Finally his mother wins and he is admitted to English Medium school. Life takes more twists and turns in his life and he get chance to visit Mumbai. In Mumbai he starts his career as a Basketball coach. His first student ‘Priyanka’ is pretty and beautiful girl, while coaching her he falls in love with Priyanka.

While he is lost in Priyanka’s love, he forgets about his childhood friend Zareen, who loves Ameen from childhood. He promised her that he will marry her once he settle down his business in Mumbai.

When he never returns, Zareen is married to Ameen’s school friend.  Ameen marries to Priyanka and they both open a restaurant and life was going well until Zareen come to know about the marriage of Ameen. She gets furies because he made him false promises, told lies and never told him about him about Priyanka. She get furies also because he once promised him that he will marry her once he returns from Mumbai but he never returned.



The story is written very well, it follows the life of Ameen from childhood, how is struggled in life, about his school days about his family and his love, lust and his life. The author also described very well the happenings in India along with the life of Ameen.

This is the first book by Azhan Ahsan and I must say I am really impressed by his writing. Some people may say, this is the same old love story, no, he tried something new that no one else tried till now, Azhan has good observation and wrote this book intelligently.He just 21 years old and youngest author.

He is the 4th indian author I read, first three Indian authors are Chetan Bhagath, Aravind Adiga and Ashok Bankar. I love Indian writing because I believe that they are more closely related to our life’s. I recommend you to read the Indian  Novels and encourage the Indian authors to write.

If you want to try some thing new and light this weekend you can pick this book.

I give it : 3.5/5.

I hate Love Stories, is like all other Bollywood love stories, this is no different.
The first of half of the movie is pretty interesting, but second of the movie is not at all good, you will feel that the second half is stretched out unnecessarily.

The chemistry between Imran and Sonam is good, Like SRK and Kajol.

Simran (Sonam Kapoor) an art director, she believes in love storys, and she has a boy friend who’s name is (Any guess?).. yes you are right Raj. Raj gives soonam kapoor a flower every day (white flower) and they both wear same color dress every day. She believes he is the Mr. Prefect until he meets Jay an assistant director of the well known director who loves to create only love story – Veer Kapoor (Sameer Soni).

I Hate Lov Storys

I Hate Lov Storys

Jay hates love stroys, he hate his job and he hate Veer Kapoor because he make only mushy movies, in which one can see only  red baloons, pink teddy bears, pink bed, pink pillow, air-port scenes where hero runs to tell her girlfriend that he loves her and sing a song etc. Jay loves one night stands, his character depicts Casanova character in the movie.

Veer hires Simran as art director for his next flick, where they both got to work together. Jay keep telling her that how boring his boy friend is, how boring shirts he wears, he gives her white flower because he loves white flower not her. Then she start to doubt that his Mr. Perfect is not at all Perfect, she fall in love with Mr. Wrong. When she proposes Jay, he tell her that he never “looked at her that way” and he doesn’t love her, after all this drama she leaves the town.

Then he fall in love with her, start to feel what love is and confess with her that he is in love with her, but she rejects him this time and re-unite with her boy friend Raj. Rest of the story is how Jay “Fights for his Love”.

Nothing is different here, same love saga which repeated over and over in Bollywood with different names, this time with “I Hate Love Storys”.

Written and Directed : Punit Malhotra.

Produced : Karan Johar, Ashwin Dutt

I give it : 3/5.

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