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Tony Stark is back with new technologies, new action and new mission to maintain the peace in the world with his Iron Man technology.

We have seen so far that Tony Stark builds a metal suite which has arc-reactor and new technologies and he named it “Iron Man”. At the end of first movie “Tony Stark” in front of media reveals that he himself is Iron Man.

Tony Stark become famous and power full man in media. He also helps to maintain the world peace. The Military wants Iron Man technology to be used for military application but Tony refuses to give the technology to Military and tells them that maintaining world peace is his duty not governments. He also tells that for the next 20 years no one will build the technology like Iron Man.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark is being poisoned by the palladium in his arc reactor, he tries to find solutions for it but every solution is finds is being failed. He constantly become weak as the poison level increases day-by-day.

One day during car race where Stark himself participates in it, Stark is attacked by Ivan Vanko whose father was a old partner of Stark enterprises. Ivan Vanko father and Stark’s father both built a first arc-reactor but due disputes Ivan’s father is fired and he dies in poverty. Ivan blame Stark’s for his father fate and builds a similar shield to fight with Stark and attacks him at car race.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Justin Hammer helps Ivan to escape from jail and tells him to build Iron Man type armors which he will show case in his expo. Rest of the story follows how Tony finds cure for his palladium poison, how he develop more powerful than ever arc-reactor by going through his fathers notes and finally battle between Robots developed Ivan and Iron Man.

To be honest I enjoyed first movie a lot compare to this movie, it has many unnecessary scenes, lots of drama. What I liked in this movie is the Technologies shown in this movie like : Transparent Mobile used by Tony Stark, Voice Recolonization enabled Television.

I give it : 3.5/5.

Time has changed, according to time our favorite characters also keep on changing.
Just like Sherlock Holmes, If you are great follower of Holmes and Read all his adventures then be prepared to see new Holmes.
He is not like the Holmes we read in books, who always wears coat, hat. This Holmes does not prefer to wear the hat , and coat. He prefer dirty clothes, fights with boxers and fighters and demonstrate his fighting skills, he is expert in shooting, love, romance and bla bla bla. What not changed is Holmes intelligence, his observation !

Okay, now coming to Watson, as Holmes says in “my dear Watson”. He also changed , but not much.
Irene Adler also changed a little bit, she is the one who has once outsmarted Holmes in the past,in ” A Scandal in Bohemia”.

Robert Downey Jr. is played the role of legendary character Sherlock Holmes.
Jude Law is played the role of Dr.Watson.
Rachel McAdams played the role of Irene Adler.

Sherlock Holmes Poster

Story :
Sherlock Holmes, lives in ” Baker Street #221B “. In 1891 London, Holmes and Watson saves a girl from Lord Blackwood who intended to ritually murder that girl.
After three months, Watson comes with the later from jail that , ” Lord Blackwood wants to see Holmes before he hanged.” Holmes meets him, he tells Holmes that three more deaths will occur after his execution that will change the very nature of their world. He also warns him that he will not be able to stop him, after this he is executed by hanging and declared dead by Dr.Watson.
Irene Adler comes with new case and wants Holmes help to find Reordan, Holmes starts the search for him.
Three days after Lord Blackwood’s execution, people find his tomb broken from inside, eyewitness says that they saw him walking out of tomb.
So black-magic practitioner returns from the dead to haunt London, and Holmes must solve the mystery behind his reappearance and deaths caused by black-magic.

Sherlock Holmes Poster

This film is not based on the any of the novels of Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, but instead the characters ( Holmes, Watson and Irene Adler) are from the books of Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Overall a good movie not very good, because of the alternation made to Holmes character. I don’t know whether you like it or not, but I love to see the 80’s Holmes as described in the books or novels by Arthur Conan Doyle.

I give it : 3.5/5.

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