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Name : The Grand Design

Author: Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

Genre : non-fiction/popular science

Pages : 188

Language: English

Publication Year: September 7, 2010

Is Review Spoiler: No

Movie based on this book : –

Awards :

Rating: 2.5/5


I am big fan of Stephen Hawking, read most of his books starting with ‘The Brief History Of Time’, ‘The Theory Of Everything’ and ‘The Grand Design’. ‘The Grand Design’ is not fully authored by Stephen Hawkings as his previous books, this book is co-authored by Leonard Mlodinow.

As per me, this is not Stephen Hawking’s best work, if you loved his ‘The Brief History Of Time’ then you will be really disappointed by this book. The book begins with Hawking saying that scientist should answer the most question about ‘Life, Universe and Everything’ because once upon a time it was a task of Philosopher’s but as per Hawking ‘ The Philosophy is dead’. What surprised me the most is, he himself gives a lengthy philosophical lecture about ‘Free Will’, ‘The existence Of God’ etc.

The book is, in most of the parts is similar to ‘The Brief history Of Time’ and is theoretical at points and the conclusions drawn by both the authors are highly questionable. honestly speaking I expected something more from Hawking but the content in the book is similar to ‘The Brief history Of Time’ and his other books.

In this book hawking conterversly asserted that the existance of God was unnecessary during the birth (big bang) of multiple universes (yes, you heard it right, Multiple Universes) according to his chosen M-Theory. He says that there are 10 the power of 500 universes created at the time of big bang but he fails to give the answer to the simplest question that ‘Why our Universe so fine tuned for Life?’.

In the last thirty years of his life Albert Einstein searched for a unified theory – a theory which could describe all the forces of nature in a single framework. But the time was not right for such a discovery in Einstein’s day. Neither was the time right when, in 1988, Professor Stephen Hawking wrote A Brief History of Time in which he took us on a journey through classical physics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum physics and string theory

in order to explain the universe that we live in. He concluded, like Einstein, that science may soon arrive at the long sought after ‘Theory of Everything’. In this ground-breaking new work, Professor Hawking and renowned science writer Leonard Mlodinow have drawn on forty years of Hawking’s own research and a recent series of extraordinary astronomical observations and theoretical breakthroughs to reveal an original and controversial theory.

They convincingly argue that scientific obsession with formulating a single new model may be misplaced, and that, instead, by synthesising existing theories we may discover the key to finally understanding the universe’s deepest mysteries. Written with the clarity and lively style for which Hawking is famous, The Grand Design is an account of Hawking’s quest to fuse these different strands of scientific theory. It examines the differences between past and future, explains the nature of reality and asks an all-important question: How far can we go in our search for understanding and knowledge?”

Overall the none of the conclusion made in the book – The Philosophy is Dead, God is not necessary, Multiple Universes etc are based on Science. The book instead of answering the quesion ‘The Life, Universe and Everything’, gave rise to hell number of questions.


Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Soccer’s or Unidentified Flying Aircraft, whatever you call them, they remained as the mystery to many people since many years.

The time when humans got intelligence [We actually don’t know till now, when actually we got intelligence?], we wondered whether we are the only intelligent creatures in the whole universe or some other Intelligent species exist?, till date we believed that we are the only intelligent species in the whole universe of 100+ billion galaxies, each galaxy having 100+ billion solar systems like us, and each solar system has many planets.

So, Do UFO’s Really exists?, are there a Intelligent life some where in the vicinity of the universe ? are we the only intelligent species in whole universe of billions of earth like planets ? is life only exists at planet earth ?

The Name UFO coined by United State Air Force in 1952, after many UFO sighting reported. The term UFO got more popular after pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 24 1947 reported the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Kenneth Arnold  Showing drawing of UFO

Kenneth Arnold Showing drawing of UFO

Some scientist believe that these sighting of UFO are just some rubber balloons or natural phenomenon or comet. [Are they ?]

One of the well known UFO incident is : Roswell UFO Incident which took place in July of 1947, where many eye witness believe that they saw Alien Creatures and there bodies were taken by US army. The US Army also announced that they have the flying soccer in there possession.

There are many UFO sighting through out the world, it doesn’t make any sense that every one misunderstood Rubber Balloon or Comet as UFO. If we consider 90% of sighting as hoax, then 10% must have to be true.

Some believe that Governments are covering up the whole UFO and Alien contacts with earth. There are even reports that many people who saw the UFO are threatened by some men in black, for example Maury Island incident June 1947, eye witness saw some men in black came to cover up this whole incident. Who are they? Government secret agents. Some Ufologist believe that they are aliens or androids controlled by aliens who come to cover up the aliens action on the earth. Like Men In Black movie, where Government secrets agents erases all the information from eye witness who saw aliens or ufo’s.

men in black

men in black

Some Ufologist even believe that we have been contacted by third kind in the past, Erich von Däniken one of the well known Ufologist explains how alien made contact with us in past and how we misunderstood them as gods in his best selling book Chariots of the Gods?

There are certain questions Ufologist ask like :
1. Why does Nazca Lines exist?.
2. Why does Corp Circles exist?.
3. Do men in black really exist? or they are just hoax?
4. Do Mayan’s calender indicating the return of Aliens to earth in 2012 or world is really going to end?

In August 15, 1977 Dr. Jerry R. Ehman detected a strong narrow band radio signal, while working on a SETI(Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project at The Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University It is believed that the signal came from some other planet which not from our solar system.

Ehman circled the signal on computer printout and wrote the single word on it “WOW!” and this became the name of the signal.


WOW! Signal

They all tried for many days in the same direction from where they received this signal but never got it back. According to well known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, They might sent this signal say some two hundred years ago, if we send the signal back to them,  it will take the same amount of time to reach them but by the time our radio signal reach them, they might have stopped listening.



The next question comes here is, if they exists then how will they look like ? will they look like Humans [Some Ufologist believes so] or will they look like James Cameraon’s Avatar? or they look like Jadoo in Koi mil gaya or will they look like Aliens in Aliens v/s Predator movie (AVP) ?

Will these mysteries surrounding around UFO’s, Aliens will ever be solved? Will we ever discover the other intelligent species in universe ? Are we alone in the whole universe? Are we really been contacted by Aliens in past?

The book begins with the public speech by scientist, who explains the audience
“how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy”.
at the end of lecturer little old lady says : “What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.” Then scientist reply’s : “What is the tortoise standing on.”,
the lady : “You’re very clever, young man, very clever, But it’s turtles all the way down!”.

This is the well know and popular science book A Brief History Of Time : by Stephen hawking.

The Brief History Of Time

In this book Stephen hawking explains the range of topic including “Cosmology”, “Big Bang” and “Black Holes, also Stephen tried to answer the following question in this book :

1. Where did the universe come from, and where is it going?
2. Did the universe have a beginning, and if so, what happened before then?
3. What is the nature of time? Will it ever come to an end? Can we go back in time?

Starting from 340 B.C Greek philosopher Aristotle’s , Stephen explains how the picture of our universe changed time to time.

The most of the theory or concepts explained in this are not totally alien, you might have learned if you are a science student or you might have heard these theories.

Then he explains the Big Bang, early discoveries that shows that the all the galaxies are moving apart from us, this means that they were at some time must be at very tiny place, then came the big bang (BOOOOM) . After Big Bang galaxies started to move away from each other, it is believed that, the universe will come to an end at the Big Crunch, this will happen only if the galaxies starts to contract.

So at the time of big bang, time started, because time started at big bang, it will come to an end at big crunch.

If the Universe is expanding , then in the past, it must have been considerably smaller. Say about 15 or 20 billions years ago all the matter have been concentrated in a tiny place.

A great discovery of the twentieth century is that all matter is made up of only a few microscopic molecules.

Then Stephen put the question : what are the truly elementary particles, the basic building blocks from which everything is made?

So the basic building blocks are quarks. So three quarks when combines result in a proton or neutron. So we know that proton and neutrons are joined to form nucleus. Nucleus is the central part of the Atom. Atoms join together to create molecules, so every microscopic particle in the universe is made up of molecules. So human flush, rocks and trees everything is made up of molecules.

According to science, everything is made up Atoms, Atoms joins together to create molecules, which intern created everything. If so our mind is also created using the same procedure, If so, why we got the power of thinking, while other creatures who created using the same molecules didn’t got the power of thinking ?
Why only humans are intelligent species ?

Then Hawking explains about the black holes, Black Holes are coined by John Wheeler in 1969.
Black Hole is considered to be a region in the space from which nothing can escape, not even light.

These regions are called black holes because it absorb the light coming toward it, and emit nothing resulting a black body.
Black holes are created when the star run out of fuel, and start to shrink in it’s gravitational field.

What if we reverse the process of black hole creation, this means that every particle in the black seems like expanding,
this means that in the past, this may be possible that the universe is created out of black hole. If this is true, then after some more billions years will end at Big Crunch.

If the universe is expanding at very slow rate then it will start to contract after some distance.
for Example, when we throw a stone at sky, after some distant it will come back, due to gravitational pull. If we throw same stone at the speed of 7 Miles/Second, then it can go beyond our gravitational pull, start to float in the universe.
So If the universe is expanding at the rate which can bypass the gravitational pull, then it will expand forever, if it is expanding at some constant rate which cannot bypass the gravity, then it will start to contract after certain distance.

What happens when universe start to contract, will time run backward ?

The book ends with three short chapters about the great physicists Galileo, Newton and Einstein.

Overall this is a good book, In which the concepts of physics, cosmology, big band, black holes and big crunch are explained very well without using any complex formulas expect E = mc2.

I give it : 4/5.

1. Stephen Hawking’s best selling book : The Brief History Of Time.

Brief history of time

2. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell.


3. Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything.

Theory Of evrything

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Memories of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

6. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes & Watson

7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes & Watson

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