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How do I know my senses are not lying to me ?
How do I know whatever My senses tells me is correct ?

You might have seen many times in your dreams, that you start to talk, some times in your dream you hit some hard object and you actually feel it.
Some times someone slap you in your dream, you feel it.
Some times fall from the mount, you feel the wind, you feel the gravity, you feel the power of wind, you feel, suddenly before hitting the ground, you wake up and says thank god ! this is just a dream..
This means that, our senses are lying to us !

Many times, while walking in night alone, wherever I watch, my senses creates the picture of the objects, which I fear the most. When I saw some trees, I saw some one standing in between trees, some one with white saree, long hairs, when I go close to that tree, What I saw ? A white cow ..

Why mind didn’t created the picture of some bollywood or hollywood actress standing in between trees ? why our mind always come up with the weird thoughts ?

Are we really intelligent ? Is our mind always correct ?
Are we in control of our mind ? or our mind is in control of us ?

How do I know, whatever thoughts comes in my mind are actually originated by my self or someone planted these thoughts inside our brain ?

For example, take the child, if you keep that child inside your house for ten years, don’t tell anything to that child, don’t expose that child to real world.
suddenly after ten years expose that child to real world, what the child will think when he saw some dog on the street ?
Do his mind really recognize that what he is seeing in the street is dog ? what if his mind tells him that what he is seeing is tiger ?
What other will think of that child, he is gone mad ?
What you say ? Is child really mad or his mind don’t know what to tell the animal he is seeing ? this means some need to feed the mind with thoughts ? the knowledge of the real world ..

I always wondered ” Why RED is RED ” ? why we call RED RED, why not blue, why not green or why not white ?
Is this because some one told us that this is RED, this is WHITE, this is DOG, this is CAT ?

If all this is true, then our mind is just like a computer, some one need to program it .. otherwise it won’t work !
It’s just like the blank paper, whatever you write on it, you will see it !

Then who planted the negative thoughts in our mind ? Is the thoughts come to ourselves or is this because of the environment we live in.

Is this because our elders always tells us ” Have a good company ” i.e., have a good friends. if you have BAD friends then you will also become BAD !

This means that, we don’t have control on our mind. Our mind controls us, we act according to our mind, our mind don’t act according to our will.

Is this because our elders told us ” Dil ki sonu, Dimaak ki nahi ” (listen to your heart, don’t listen to your mind).

This means that we can’t program our mind, some one else need to program it, either it is NATURE or someone else.
Is this because colleges, universities, schools exists ?
Just like computer, computer can’t be programmed itself, we need to program it.

Just a thought, If you go to picnic with your wife and five year old child, and there is a lake, you started to walk on the water. what your child will think, he just say ” Mom, Look dad is walking on the water “.
what your wife will think, she might just think, this is miracle, you have some supernatural powers !
Why child thought this is natural and Why your wife thought this is super-natural ?
Is this because child don’t know about the natural laws ? Is this because we haven’t yet planted the thoughts about nature and it’s law in child’s mind ?

What is this all about ? Is really human beings are intelligent ?
Who told us that RED is RED ? Why we call the color of blood RED ? How do I know, what I am seeing is actually a RED !
How do I believe my senses are not lying to me ?

Why it feels more real in dreams than real ? Why do I feel hard when I hit wall in my dream, why not soft ?

There is story, Once up on a time, there was villager who works in the form. Once he is bitten by snake, but he haven’t saw the snake, instead he saw the rat. His mind told him that ” You have bitten by RAT, nothing will happen “.
So he completed his work, in the evening he went to house after 10 hours, when he told this to his wife, his wife told her let me see the bite. When his wife saw the bite, there were two holes on his leg, which will result only by snake bite. then his wife told him that, you have bitten by snake, let go to hospital, on the way to hospital he died. Doctors told that he died due to HEART ATTACK !

This means that our mind believes whatever we saw, also our mind believe if someone give justification or prove that you have bitten by snake.
Until our mind didn’t know that it was snake, all was well, once it know that it was snake, all the thought we planted in mind from generation to generation came into the mind of the former, he started to panic, died due to heart attack !.

Why RED is RED ? ~ The search is on !


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