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So, here comes another year – 2014, a new year! But I didn’t see anything ‘new’ today? Kyun? May be ‘New’ is just an illusion? is it not? what do you think is ‘New’ in the so-called new year?

Today I woke up and while going towards office – I saw the sun and guess what? it was rising from east! nothing ‘new’ out there? may be Sun doesn’t know it’s a new year? then I looked at a tree and lo! it was the same tree as I saw it yesterday[may be some leaves are gone] but overall it’s the same tree, nothing ‘new’!

While crossing the signal – I saw bunch of rickshaw/biker’s jumping the signal as usual and guess what? nothing ‘new’ out there also? Still in hope of find the ‘new’ in my ‘new quest’ – I went further and saw same old ‘noise pollution and air pollution’ and people running here and there for catching buses or rickshaws – nothing new at all here also.


Then I went further ahead – hoping I will find something ‘new’ – found that people are smoking in public places and also spitting here and there as usual and most of ATM’s are out of service – that too as usual, nothing new!

While walking – totally disappointed for not finding anything ‘NEW’ and suddenly as I looked ahead, there I found something ‘new’ which wasn’t there yesterday! I found the wastage in road after new year celebration – the crackers, the balloons, the food and lot more things! Well this is not what I expected to be ‘new’?

After all it proves that – ‘New’ is just an Illusion! it’s only change in calendar not in our lives. Hum Insaan hain – hum kya expect karoge aap? We are good at these things, not only good very good!

Quest won’t end here – it will continued till I find something ‘NEW’ in coming new years! Wish you all a very happy ‘new’ year!


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