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“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” is third and final novel in Millennium Trilogy, originally published in Swedish with title “Luftslottet som sprängdes” which means “The Air Castle That Exploded” by Swedish  writer Stieg Larsson.

“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” is first published in Swedish in 2007 and then in English in 2009. This novel is the sequel to the “The Girl Who Played With Fire”.

“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” is third and final book in Millennium Trilogy written by author Stieg Larsson before his sudden death in 2004.

This novel is centered around the character of Lisbeth Salander, who in previous novel “The Girl Who Played With Fire” is accused for three murders and she is on run.

The Girl Who kicked Hornets' Nest

The Girl Who kicked Hornets' Nest

After exposing the Hans-Erik Wennerström in the first novel “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo” Mikael Blomkvist journalist and publisher for Millennium magazine throws himself in the investigation of sex trafficking based on thesis of Dag Svensson and Mia Johansson where he discovers the name “Zala” who is behind all this and no one know who he is and where he lives. In this novel he Mikael throws himself in the investigation to expose violation of Sweden’s constitution by the top secret government agency.

Lisbeth  Salander a covert researcher for Milton security agency and also a black hat computer hacker and she has a Eidetic or photographic memory. In the first novel “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo” she is being hired as the co-research by Mikael Blomkvist to assist him to solve the mystery of Harried Vangers disappearance. In the first novel Mikael and Lisebth both solves the murder mystery. In the second novel “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, after reading the thesis by Dag Svensson and Mia Johansson by hacking Mikael Laptop, she learns the name Zala and thros herself in the investigation to find zala who is accused for many rapes cases and murders, but before finding zala she is acused for three murders. In this novel she exposes violation of Sweden’s constitution by the top secret government agency.

“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” begins with both Lisbeth and Alexander Zalachenko (also known Karl Axel Bodin) being airlifted to Sahlgrenska hospital with bullets in her brain, hip, and shoulder and Zalachenko with axe in his head.  They kept in ICU while Sweden police try to determine what charges should be filed against  Karl Axel Bodin and Salander who is already charged with three murders.

The Section, Secret Police group with in Sapo is trying to save Zalachenko and they also want Lisbeth to be locked away again in mental asylum because they are all afraid that she might expose the mystery behind Zalachenko.

The only way she can give fight to the man who tried to kill her Alexander Zalachenko, and against the government institutions “The Section” which nearly destroyed her life and almost proved that she is mentally ill is with the help of Mikael Blomkvist and Dragan Armansky, director of Milton Security, boss and protector of Lisbeth Salander and with the Help of Hackers Republic.

“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” is a perfect end to the Millennium Trilogy, I highly recommend the Millennium trilogy!

I give it : 5/5.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo translated in English by Steven T. Murray, Originally written by Swedish author Stieg Larsson with the title ” Män som hatar kvinnor “ means ” Men Who Hate Women “.

The novel begin in the court room, where ” Mikael Blomkvist “ journalist who is the publisher of the magazine ” Millennium “, loses the case against Swedish industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström, after this he resign from the post of publisher. He then hired by the Henrik Vanger, CEO Vanger companies. Henrik Vanger offers him money to save his nearly bankcrupt magazine and also tell him that he will give him the information about Hans-Erik Wennerström which will prove him guilty, Mikael agree to spend a year at Vanger’s place to write the Vanger family history and solve the mystery which is still remained the mystery after forty years.

He is to solve the Mystery behind the Vanger’s niece Harriet’s disappearance some forty years previously,when she was sixteen. In the list of suspects where the whole Vanger family which gathered for family gathering forty years ago when Harriet disappeared. Blomkvist visit each family members who stay at family estate inquiring them about Herriet, some believed that she died, but no found her body, the only way to out of the estate is the bridge, which was blocked at the day of her disappearance due to accident, so there no possibility that she run away, he meet the officer who investigate the case, he tells him that he investigate the case for many years, but haven’t found a single clue.

The major part of the mystery is, when Herriet is of age 14, she used to give “Framed Pressed Flowers” as Birthday gift to the ” Henrik Vanger “ Grandfather of Herriet, But after Herriet‘s vanishing he still receiving the same type of pressed flowers since last forty years, there were no typical address to trace the flowers, every year address keep on changing.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

When Mikael Blomkvist learns that he cannot find any thing new, he tell this to Henrik he tells him to don’t stop digging, even if he cannot find anything. One day he notices something odd in one of the photographs taken at the accident site at the day Herriet disappeared. So wanted some one to start reading all documents including police reports etc, while he will dig in to the photographs Henrik has given him.

So he hires ” Lisbeth Salander “, A private detective, she rides the bike like Hell, and she happens to be a brilliant computer hacker.
She is a genius with Asberger’s Syndrome and uses brilliant computer hacking skills to accomplish her goals and rides the bike like hell. She is ruthless and tough to a fault. She has an appeal that draws others wanting to understand her. She always give a fight back who ever they are, she is fearless, she completes her goals with perfection. Lisabeth is unforgettable !!.

She meets Mikael Blomkvist at the estate, and they both discovers ” disturbing and shocking truths about four-decade-long puzzle “.

This is the one of the best mystery/thriller I’ve read. This Once you start reading it, it is impossible to put it down, the character are reach, specially Lisbeth Salander, the story is perfect ( one of the best crime novel ), the villains are perfect ( not like the villains you see in some novels – who used to be rapist, murders etc ), overall a must read for crime fiction or mystery or thriller fiction lovers.

I give it : 5/5.

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